This article will give you the street fighting techniques that will come in handy if you ever have to defend yourself. These specific techniques can be lethal if used correctly. If the need calls for it, you can disable, cripple or even eliminate an opponent.

Technique 1 – Head: When you are in a fight which involves wrestling, your head can be used as a weapon. You can use your head to butt your opponent's nose. You should make contact with the top of the forehead if you are delivering a forward head butt but you can deliver it in any direction (left, right, forward, backward).

Technique 2 – Teeth: This street fighting technique does not necessarily require skill. You can use your teeth to bite any part of the body whether it's the ears, fingers, arm, anything goes when you are fighting for your life. This is particularly damaging if you bite deep into the flesh and shake your head forcefully. Please be cautioned however that you risk contracting diseases and infections which are carried by the blood such as AIDS.

Technique 3 – Elbow: Using the elbows to strike blows can be hard to defend against. This move is volatile and deceiving which is great when fending off an attacker. Elbow strikes are versatile as they can be delivered vertically, diagonally or horizontally to any part of the body including the nose, throat and ribs.

Technique 4 – Fists: You can effectively use your fists to deliver a punch to the face, ribs and throat. It works best when you make contact with the center of the knuckle. This technique can be crippling but it requires a lot of training especially if you want to avoid injuring yourself.

Technique 5 – Fingers and nails – Fingers and nails are great for clawing and scratching the eyes. They can also pull and tear the throat and testicles.

Technique 6 – Palm: The palm is a deadly force. Imagine striking your attacker from a 45 degree angle to the nose. If used with massive power and force that can really have a crippling effect. The trick here is to move your shoulders, hips and foot in the direction of the hit. This will add all the force needed for it to be effective.

Technique 7 – Knee: The knees can disable any opponent whether given vertically or diagonally to the groin, ribs or face.

Technique 8 – Foot: The dorsum of the foot can be used to kick an attacker's groin and even the head. Using the dorsum can lessen the chance of you getting broken toes and it increases the intensity of the blow. The heel of the foot can be used to stomp on your opponent's toes. You can also use it to strike the thigh, knee or shin.

I must warn you that using physical force against someone must be justifiable as it pertains to the law and that these techniques and their effectiveness is based on the target as well as the force used. If the situation ever arises, however, where you have to defend yourself, you can use these body parts as part of your street fight techniques.