Admit it, the commercials are half of the attraction of the big game. They’re mini movies that makes us laugh and we talk about them even after football has faded into March Madness.  Of course, some are better than others. Who doesn’t remember the Volkswagen one from last year where the kid dressed as Darth Vader ‘starts’ the car? Or the long Chrystler ad featuring a claymation Eminem?  Here’s eight commercials that should really capture your attention this year.


1)    Toyota Camry

Airing during the third quarter, Toyota’s ad will focus on the theme of reinvention. Be prepared for time travelling babies and pizza curtains.

2)    H&M’s David Beckham Bodywear Collection

While the ad does promise great shots of David Beckham, that’s not all to be expected from this. H&M has a history of launching new collections with original, short films so it’s a good bet this ad will be well crafted.

3)    Doritos

For the past six years, Doritos has been holding a YouTube contest where users create their own ads for the chips. The winner gets aired during the Super Bowl along with a second commercial for the company by an ad agency. This year however, both Doritos spots will be user generated, with winners based of YouTube views.

4)    Volkswagen

Continuing its Star Wars theme from last year, Volkswagen’s ad features dogs barking the Imperial March. Barks, which, supposedly, haven’t been auto-tuned. There’s a lot of hype about this one, even NPR got in on the action, so don’t miss it!

5)    Budweiser

Budweiser and it’s sister brands are such a staple of the Super Bowl (probably because it’s the only beer who advertises) and so it’d be a shame to miss it. Keep an eye out for the prohibition themed ad airing during the second quarter. Clydesdales included.

6)    Audi

Audi’s cars are turned into vampire slayers. I can’t really put it any other way, except for the fact that this ad is hilarious and doesn’t rely on the car commercial conventions of driveby and low-key music.

7)    Coca-Cola

Coke’s doing something new this year, in that they don’t actually know which of two ads they prepared they’ll be playing. It depends on who’s in the lead, the Giants or the Patriots, during the second quarter of the game but for sure it features the cuddly polar bears.

8)    Hyundai

Shown in the first quarter, expect to see the behind the scenes issues of having a car race a cheetah. Let’s just say cheetahs don’t like it when they don’t have a fair chance.


There's sure to be more great ads that haven't been leaking creative information to the public, and on game day you can join Facebook and USA Today as tally up votes of approval for ads as they air. This year is going to be a good one for commericals, I can feel it.