Anime fans love to show off the artwork

Anime fans love the decorative prints and artwork. However, you do not have to be an Anime fan to enjoy the Anime art form.

Hanging this Japanese style cartoon art on your wall is a great way to spruce up and improve the look of any room. Here are 8 cool posters for Anime fans. 



1. Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight - Anime Prints

Vampire Knight began in 2005 in Lala magazine. Vampire Knight is an ongoing series that has been adapted into anime for television. In 2010 DVD’s of Vampire Knight were released in the North American market. Yuki is the main character in the Vampire Knight series and is a protector of the vampire race. Whether you are an anime and manga fan or not, this Vampire Knight Artwork poster would look good hanging in almost any room in your home or apartment.

2. Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D - Anime Prints

For some reason Vampires and the vampire genre has become very popular. Vampire Hunter D follows along with the new-found popularity of this genre. Vampire Hunter D however is not simply following the current trends of anything vampire related because the first Vampire Hunter D novel was released in 1983.  So far 22 novels in this series have been published over the years. This series has a hardcore cult following but recently has became more mainstream as interest in everything vampire related is on the rise.

What better way to see if a girl is “the one” then to invite her over to your house. If she sees this manga poster hanging on your wall and is familiar with the books then she may be a girl you want to keep! The vampire genre is extremely popular with people of all ages so this poster would make an excellent gift for most people, including teen girls.

3. Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Poster

Japanese Vampire Hunter D - Anime Prints

This is another manga styled poster from the same series as above. The dark style of this genre is brought out in full-force in this high quality poster. If you get this poster print framed then you will have a cool keep-sake to pass onto your grandchildren that you will have in the future. Out of all the Vampire Hunter D prints this is by far the coolest looking one.

4. Appleseed

Appleseed - Anime Prints

This anime poster is very cool looking. This is one of these awesome looking posters that immediately grab someone’s attention as they will want to know more about this. Appleseed is science-fiction manga. It is an older series but still has a rabid fan base and a lot of fan fiction is still written about the Appleseed manga series. In 1986 Appleseed won a Seiun Award for best new manga.

5. Steamboy

Steamboy - Anime Prints

Steamboy is a popular animated film that was first released in Japan during 2004. The movie made its way to the rest of the world.  If you have never watched Japanese films before than Steamboy is a good way to start. The poster here for the film Steamboy is super cool looking and if you want your room to stand out than a Steamboy poster is a great way to go.

Steamboy is a steampunk style animated movie that took around 10 years to complete. If you like alternate history story lines then you will love the Steamboy plot. This poster features the main character, 13 year old James Ray Steam. Regardless of whether you normally like Anime films, you will find that you probably really enjoy this film regardless of your age. Steamboy has an amazing plot, excellent voice acting, and some terrific art.

6. Samurai X

Samurai X - Anime Prints

Samurai X is the name of the film when it was released in English, however the original name for the Samurai X film was called “Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story”. It became popular in the United States when the Cartoon Network began airing it on television. The Samurai X poster is definitely one of the coolest Anime style poster you can find. The Samurai X looks like a “dark” show from the poster; however fans of the show understand how truly deep this series is. Samurai X was the reason many kids did not have their homework done before they went to bed. Samurai X single handedly helped to give Anime an entirely new fan base. People who watched this show began to watch other Anime films and get interested in Anime and Manga art.

7. Pokémon

Pokemon Destiny Deoxys - Anime Prints

Pokémon is by far the most famous Japanese animation show that has came out of Japan. If you kids are between 8-13 years of ages then they are almost for certain to known all about Pokémon. Pokémon posters make a great gift. Even if you are not a fan of Pokémon they are still a fun poster to hang up simply to see what other people reactions re when they come and visit you.

8. Clannad

Clannad - Anime Prints

Clannad started off as a comic novel that was designed to be read on a computer. As with all great Japanese animation art Clannad became and anime series in 2007. Clannad is a great poster for kids to hang in their room. Clannad makes a good poster for kids and young teens regardless of their gender.


There are numerous anime posters and artwork for sale on the Internet. AnimePrints sells not only the best looking Anime posters but also a collection of some of the most popular Disney prints. Posters are an easy way to decorate a child’s room. In addition you can get a poster framed and this artwork can hang anywhere and add to the beauty of any décor.

Anime and Manga inspired posters are an inexpensive way to really add some pizzazz to a room. Why buy generic prints from a department store when you can instead get a nice framed anime print?

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