One of the best things about a breastfeeding cover, also known as a nursing cover, is its ability to serve more than a great cover-up for breastfeeding in public. Being highly versatile, it can be used for multiple purposes, some of which are listed below:

Pumping Cover:

Even if you aren’t nursing, a breastfeeding cover can prove quite useful when you need to pump out in a public place. Using your nursing cover, you can pump anywhere you want – in a car, on a plane, in a waiting room or while going on a trip with a bunch of friends. There is no need to sit in a dirty stinky bathroom to pump breast milk because a nursing cover allows you to pump in public with full privacy, comfort, and style.


When there is no blanket available next to you, a nursing cover can be used to wrap the baby to ward off a sudden cold chill in the air. Not only it will create a safe and sound sleeping environment for your little one but also it will help him sleep for long hours. A breastfeeding cover is essentially a perfect way to add a quick layer of protection to your baby's delicate skin in absence of a swaddling blanket.

Car Seat Canopy:

If the nursing cover you’re using is stretchable enough, you can arrange it over your little one’s car seat to cut him off from the outside world and provide him makeshift protection from the natural elements like wind, rain, snow or sun. Since a nursing cover is made of a soft and breathable material like cotton, your baby won’t get too hot in there at all.

Stroller Canopy:

Taking your baby outside in a stroller and the sun is pounding down on his delicate skin? Drape your nursing cover over the front of your stroller to cut the glare and create a welcome shade. Being lightweight and breathable, the breastfeeding cover will keep your baby comfy and cool.

Baby Carrier Sun Shade:

A nursing cover can also be used to protect your baby’s fragile skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and the occasional shower while you’re wearing him in a baby carrier. Wearing the breastfeeding cover around your neck and adjusting the strap to get it hanged at a suitable height, you can create a strong shield around your little one to protect him from the oppressive sunlight.

Diaper Changing Mat:

Even if a nursing cover is not padded and waterproof, it can be used to create a clean surface while cleaning your baby’s messiest parts or changing his diapers regardless of whether you’re at home or on the move. To do so, all you need to fold the breastfeeding cover and lay it down on a flat surface as soon as a sudden diaper-change emergency strikes.

Play Mat:

Moreover, you can lay your breastfeeding cover on a clean floor so that your little one could have a surface to play on and give his mini muscles an impromptu workout. And if your baby loves to play with lots of toys, keeping them on the nursing cover is a good idea to make tummy/play time more enjoyable.

Burp Cloth:

If you find your little one suddenly spilling or spitting up, you can use your nursing cover instead of looking here and there for a cloth-any cloth-to wipe your baby’s face. Being made of soft, breathable fabric and due to a large size, breastfeeding covers moonlight as a burp cloth to wipe up the accidental mess. This is another reason why you should always buy a machine washable nursing cover.