Has your article been DENIED?

Is no one looking at your ARTICLE?

You want more VIEWS?

Well you've clicked on the right article my friend, because I'm going to tell you what NOT to write in your article so you can start getting more views and clicks!

1) Pick an interesting topic everyone wants to know about.

Maybe you're not picking the right topics to talk about.
Try thinking of topics you really know about, such as your hobbies. Art? Sport?
If you like it, it will be easier to write about. Try picking something Niche but also popular enough to be clicked on!

2) Make an Eye catching title

Make it short and snappy! No one will read your article if they aren't even tempted to click on it in the first place. Make sure it is also spellchecked and grammar-correct. Here are a few examples:
How to draw faces!
Earn money on ebay now!
Dancing with the stars!

3) Write an Article longer than 325 words
What most people overlook is that your article may not be indexed if it's too short! Try to aim for at least 400 words, but try to make those quality words! You don't want to just fill space with useless information because your viewers will come back regularly!

4) Add pictures to make it interesting
People are VISUAL creatures! Everyone will naturally like articles which have images next to them. Try adding a few drawings to your articles to attract more viewers - but bewarned, try to make them relevent! Don't stick just any random photo in.

5) Spread the word
Sell sell sell yourself! You need to get out there and start talking to people and participating in communities. If you associate yourself around the web more, the more people will visit your articles and check out what you've written.

6) Have fun
Remember, writing articles is about having fun and spreading the love of information! If you don't have anything useful to say, then don't say it at all. You should do this for the right reasons. This is just a personal belief of mine I like to endorse!

7) Use HTML
Infobarrel is great because it helps you create more interesting articles with an easy format - just select your fonts, sizes, colours and boom! People will be drawn into your article.

8) Write CLEARLY.
So many infobarrel writers clog up their articles with thick chunks of paragraphs. Try to space things out to make it go easier on the eye. You need to learn how to format your writing to make it simpler to read. Do this correctly and more people will flood to your articles.