Window treatments that require minimal clean up saves you time. It also helps cut down on allergens. Style is also important, and you can get the best of both worlds at and Smith+Noble.

1. Valances

Fabric adds femininity, but you might not want to take your window treatment down a lot. In this case, just use curtains on the windows where you need privacy. Then, just buy a coordinating valance for all of the other windows. This can be a swag style which you just drape over the rod. It can also have grommets for a more modern appearance. Then, just put the items in the washer after you read the care instructions for a fresh feeling.

2. Cornice Boxes

Cornice boxes are wood pieces that fit over the top of your window treatment. This can be the same style as any crown molding that you have in your room. It will just require simple dusting. You can use this over blinds or by itself.

3. Stained Glass Appliqués

You can cut cleaning out almost entirely with a glass appliqué that applies directly to the window. This gives you the look of stained glass, and it works well on windows where you need constant privacy such as the bathroom.

4. Fashionable Blinds

You can clean blinds with a duster or a damp cloth. There are different ways to make these pieces stylish with a faux wood version for a traditional or elegant design. You can even get acrylic glass blinds for a modern touch that diffuses light throughout the day. The secret to making blinds easy to clean is to change up the traditional silhouette. Vertical blinds and smooth pieces don't form shelves to catch the dust the way a traditional mini-blind would. You can also get anti-static varieties to help cut out the dust even more.

5. Shutters

Plantation shutters give a classic style to your room. You'll need to get custom pieces that fit directly within your frame. Make sure that you get a faux wood if it's going to be in a bathroom or kitchen so it can withstand a lot of water.

6. Curtains

There are a few ways that you can get the look of traditional window treatments that are easy to care for. Find a hanging system that is easy to take the curtains down and then put the items back up such as a ring system. You'll also want to stay with basic fabrics, such as cottons, that are washable.

7. Blackout Blinds

Blinds made from fabric cells darken the room. You can also just wipe the products down with a cloth.

8. Vertical Blinds

Vinyl is easy to care for. You can also get fabric or fake wood versions for a more stylish version of this classic. There are even mirrored panels. Fabric versions add a little more femininity to the straight lines. The outside of the piece can be a basic white color so it matches the rest of your window treatments from the exterior of your house.