Just like any other business, law firms experience ebbs and flows.  Somtimes things are booming and hitting on all cylinders while other times things are just plain slow.  During those slow times, attorneys may need money making ideas for using the knowledge they have as an attorney to generate more income.  This article will highlight eight extra money-making ideas for attorneys for generating income outside their practice.

1.  Take a state contract for part-time work.  In Arkansas (where I live) there are several part-time contracts available for attorneys.  Those contracts include public defender positions, attorney ad litem positions, and parent-counsel positions (representing indigent parents in DHS proceedings).

2.  Accept appointments.  I generally accept two or three appellate appointments per year and am paid by the state to represent indigent clients.  Of course you won't receive as high of a rate of pay as with your private clients but you're pretty much guaranteed payment since the State is paying.

3.  Become local counsel for a national law firm.  There are several national law firms who search for local counsel to represent their clients.  These usually pay a flat fee per case and are generally in areas of law such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, or social security disability.  Check sites like Craigslist for these types of opportunities.

4.  Answer legal questions online.    Law Guru and Just Answer are a couple of sites where you can answer state specific questions in your practice area and receive payment.  These services allow you to pick which questions you want to answer so you have control over how much time you spend working on these sites.  I answer on Law Guru and have had some pretty interesting questions.  So, if you enjoy research this is something you would probably enjoy.

5.  Start a legal blog.  As an attorney you are an expert.  You can use your expertise to start an informative blog about some area of the law.  You can monetize the blog in many ways; the easiest of which is Google Adsense.

6.  Create a digital product to sell.  You can use your expertise to create a product to sell.  Many people may not be able to afford to hir you as an attorney but they can afford to buy a book or a diy kit or forms created by an attorney.  Think about areas where people often try to represent themselves, such as divorces, and create a product to help them through the process.

7.  Write articles on income-sharing sites.  This is another way to put your knowledge to work for you and earn some residual income.  There are several income-sharing sites, like Infobarrel or Hubpages, where you can provide beneficial information about your area of practice.  Once you write these articles you can start receiving extra income that will continue to come without you doing any additional work.

8.  Teach at colleges or votechs.  There are opportunities both online and off to teach classes in subjects such as criminal justice or paralegal studies.

These are eight simple extra money making ideas for attorneys to earn extra income in those times that there's a need to do so.  I'm sure there are other ways also but these will keep you in your professional field, suing the knowledge you already have.