Health and exercise science ebooks can be a great resource in teaching you about your health and the various fitness routines that you will need to conduct in order to attain your optimal health level. The focus on science also allows you to gain some insight into the inner workings of your body and mind as you push forward towards a healthier you. While most health and exercise related books tend to have a lot to do with weight loss, losing weight quickly, or dietings; these health and exercise science books examine these topics (and many others) on a much deeper level. While they may not always be written in a fashion that is easy to get into (like a popular and sensational novelization of health and diets), they are typically written by individuals in academia who know much about their topics and are motivated to share this information with you. When it comes to health and exercise, one thing I constantly tell people is "You need to have knowledge before setting any goals and committing to an exercise routine or a new diet." When people become aware of these things beforehand, the chance of actually sticking with a new lifestyle routine is heavily increased. It should also be pointed out that most of the book suggestions contained in this article are very inexpensive (despite being primarily academic resources); with an average cost being around ~$20 dollars. I hope these exercise and health science books are very useful for you, and if you have any of your own you would like to suggest feel free to do so!

1. Genetics Primer for Exercise Science and Health eBook by Stephen Roth

An important and often overlooked area of study when it comes to health and exercise is the role genetics play in our lives. In some scenarios, we are not always in as much control over our bodies and minds as we would like. For example, it is known that being heavy in weight is linked to genetic factors; as are many mental disorders including depression and anxiety. A major point highlighted in this book is how we can overcome genetic problems and defeat obesity, depression, and other health related problems. Of course, it doesn't make it easy when we have to face our problems, then additionally the genetic resurgance of those problems as well. This is an excellent book, especially for those who are not too familiar with the role genetics play in our exercise and health routines.

2. Bodybuilding Anatomy eBook by Nicholas Evans

While this may be more of an "advanced" book by exercise standards, it is still one that is definitely worth checking out. With highly detailed anatomical imagery, this book takes you on a journey to learn about the world of bodybuilding from a scientific perspective. It teaches you how to build your muscle mass and essentially become ripped. Many exercises are highlighted as well. If you are interesting in bodybuilding, or performing exercises directed towards building muscle, then Bodybuilding Anatomy is a must buy!

3. Enhancing Cognitive Functioning and Brain Plasticity eBook by Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Arthur Kramer, and Leonard Poon

This is one of my favorite books to recommend to people looking to get a head start on a new exercise routine because it highlights the interaction between the mind and body that many people take for granted. The book discusses the role exercise, physical activity, and intellectual stimulation plays in cognitive functioning (specifically in older adults). This book is very important, even for those who are at a young age, because the detrimental mental ailments that tend to hit the elderly (like Alzheimers disease) can virtually be turned around if you pay attention to what you are doing in life. If you are interested in science, psychology, or simply just want another tool to help you out with understanding your body and health; then make sure you check this book out.

4. Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health eBook by Harold Kohl III and Tinker Murray

While this book may come across as a health book you may end up picking up in a college health class, I think that many people overlook books like this to have in their own library as a learning guide. Remember: textbooks are not just for college students. The most knowledgeable members of our society are going to live long and successful lives (assuming they also act on the knowledge they gain!). This book is one that is really easy to get into, though it will surely teach you some new things about human health that you may not have known. Many aspects of health and exercise are discussed in this science e-book (or hardcover book if you prefer) including: obesity, cancers, mental health, physical injuries, cardiorespiratory diseases, among many other things.

5. Exercise Physiology for Health, Fitness, and Performance eBook by Sharon Plowman and Denise Smith

I'll be honest, the most unappealing part of this health and exercise textbook is the cover art (which I find to be aesthetically terrible). Still, once you get past the cover, you will find a gold mine of information that is well written on the topic of physiology as it relates to health and fitness. This book really covers all of the bases one would expect from a book detailing the body, and relates it heavily to health, exercise, and performance in a way most books do not. Easy to read, and includes things for just about everyone; including special little chapters on how exercise and health relate to teenagers, post-menopausal moms, athletes, and more.

6. Physical Activity and Nutrition for Health by Chris Hopper, Bruce Fisher, Kathy Munoz

The focus of this science eBook is more or less on kids, and what we should be doing to combat early age obesity and unhealthy lifestyles in general. While the effects of a good diet and exercise is well known, there are so many other variables that influence how a child matures. This book considers many ways to stop children from getting into bad eating and exercise habits before they begin, plus it also examines how to get kids back into shape if they have fallen down the slippery slope towards an unhealthy lifestyle. A must read if you need vital information on this topic.

7. Active Start for Healthy Kids: Activities, Exercises, and Nutritional Tips by Stephen Virgilio

Let's face it, most books on topics related to health, exercise, fitness, and similar tend to be a bit wordy; and while the information certainly has value; it is not nearly as valuable as getting up and working out and actively changing your life. From this concept was birthed the book Active Start for Healthy Kids. The focus is on "activity" in this book, with a variety of activities included in this book (between the bits and pieces of actual learning) for kids and the entire family to try out. This includes physical activities, yoga, dances, motor skill and cognitive activities, and even some hands on nutritional guidelines that can really benefit your health. The real focus here is on DOING thing in an active way to change your life. Because, as we should know, reading a book is not going to change anything; but these books will hopefully promote you to change your own life.

8. Eating on the Run (3rd Edition) by Evelyn Tribole

The focus of this final book on this list is on creating a healthy diet for you and your family. With such a simple topic, one would expect this book to be rather useless; but fortunately it gets very involved with discussing how to create a healthy diet, in little ways such as strategies for shopping quickly for foods (in part because when we have no real goal, we tend to buy a lot of garbage), fast food nutrition, eating options for managing weight, and many other things. Another reason I highly recommend this book is because you can pick it up in paperback or ebook format for a very low cost (around ~$5 dollars).

Included in this article are many suggestion resources for learning more about health and exercise science. While many of these books are textbooks, it is important to remember that textbooks are great tools for learning. And fortunately, unlike most textbooks sold in colleges around the world; these books are not particularly expensive (with a range from around $5 dollars to around $40 dollars). They are easily affordable and contain some great information that should actively be implented into your own life. Leave a comment below if your trying to change things for the better!

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