Being such a popular and widespread holiday, it's always nice when you find great Mother's Day gifts for mom and see the big smile on her face. In this day and age it's pretty easy to find great Mother's Day gifts, whether you're looking around in the mall and around town, or browsing the extensive selection of unique, cheap, personalized, and homemade products on the web, you're bound to find some great Mother's Day gifts for mom.

If you're looking to get some great Mother's Day gifts for your wife, your mom, or any other kind of mom, with a little bit of research you should have absolutely no trouble finding the best present possible. I decided I would help you out and get you started by presenting to you, in no particular order, eight great Mother's Day gifts for you to consider.

Pocket-Sized Digital Picture Viewers

Pocket-Sized Digital Picture Viewers

These make great Mother's Day gifts especially if her kids are still young and live with her. Almost every mom loves to show off pictures of their children, and what better and more fun way to let her do it than to get her a pocket-sized digital picture viewer. These bite-sized little gadgets are so tiny that they actually do fit in your pocket. The pictures themselves are vividly clear, and the size does not negatively effect their quality at all, making these great Mother's Day gifts all the more enjoyable to show off.

Mom can keep this in her purse, on her keychain, or just about anywhere else she wants. They come with a 1.8 inch OLED screen and have slide show capability, an 8MB built in memory that holds up to 180 photos, a rechargable battery, and doesn't require any tinkering with editing or resizing when transferring from your PC. You can find these great Mother's Day gifts at Brookstone and tons of other places online.

Massaging Eye Pillows

Massaging Eye Pillows and Masks

There aren't too many moms out there that wouldn't love a set of nice soothing eye pillows and masks to help her relax on her special day. These make great Mother's Day gifts for moms of all ages, personalities, and walks of life. No woman can resist a gentle and soothing afternoon of facial massaging from a product like the iNeed Massaging Eye Mask and just taking some time to unwind from the natural stress of motherhood. Just put it on over her eyes and around her temples, and let her control the rest with the remote control. You can also find these great Mother's Day gifts at Brookstone as well as quite a few other websites online.

Gardening Seat and Tool Carrier

Gardening Seat and Tool Carrier

If you have a mom that's into gardening, then this will make a great Mother's Day gift for her. Stop letting her crouch down in such awkward positions to do her gardening. Help her out with those various tools she needs to carry around with her from plant to plant. The gardening seat and tool carrier comes with 7 inch smooth rolling wheels and a molded in handle for easy and quick transporting. The storage shelf is perfect for her tools and other necessities like gloves or plant food. It even comes with a beverage holder and can turn into a miniature wagon. Anything you can get her to make her life easier can make great Mother's Day gifts for any mom.

Custom Aprons

Personalized Aprons

Moms who love to cook would benefit the most from these great Mother's Day gifts. Make her feel unique and special with a personalized apron. Get creative with it, come up with some funny little sayings or logos that would make her laugh. As long as you take a little time to think about what interests her, or what gets her to laugh, this will be a nice, cheap, personalized present for her. You could probably even afford to buy several of them, or you could combine this idea with any of the other great Mother's Day gifts on the list.

Personalized Custom Baby Portraits

Personalized Custom Baby Portraits

Do you have a new addition to the family? Moms who have just had a baby within recent years are pretty easy to shop for and find great Mother's Day gifts. You can never go wrong with a personalized present, and one that incorporates your baby into just adds to the brownie points. Get online and research some websites that offer personalized and custom portaits, and find the best picture of your little boy or girl and stick it in there. Combining this simple and sure fire idea with one or more of the others from this list is guaranteed to be a set of great Mother's Day gifts.

Handmade Picture Frame

Handmade Picture Frames

These could also be great Mother's Day gifts, and can even be used in conjunction with the last option. Getting a personalized portrait from an online seller is one thing, but to make one yourself just makes these great Mother's Day gifts much more special. Picture frames are about the easiest things you could think of making. All you need is a small amount of wood, a sander, some wood glue, and maybe a router or dremel, and you're all set. You could whip quite a few of them up in a single day, and personalize each of them with a dremel engraving her name or nice little quotes and phrases that she might like. Handmade things always make great Mother's Day gifts because it shows you care.

Online Gift Cards

Online Gift Card

Women love to shop, I think this is pretty much common knowledge. One of the best presents you can ever get mom is a gift card to her favorite store, and by getting an online gift card you save her, or yourself, the trouble of having to actually drive to the store. As soon as she gets one of these great Mother's Day gifts, she will be able to instantly put it to use simply by walking across the room! Think about where your mom loves to shop, then find their website and look for gift card sales. Most stores nowadays have online gift cards available, especially around big holidays like this, which makes these great Mother's Day gifts a lot easier to find. You could also try looking for some spa gift cards which also make nice presents for mom or wife.

Breakfast in Bed

Homemade Breakfast in Bed

Many women may actually think that this is one of the best presents you can get for a mom, simply because of how sweet and thoughtful this gesture traditionally is. If you are the type to put forth that extra effort, then this might be one of the more appealing great Mother's Day gifts to choose from, that's also pretty cheap. You could even supplement this idea with one of the other choices, such as the gift card, facial mask, picture frames, or aprons. Not many moms can resist a dad who is willing to cook her breakfast in bed. You can find millions of tasty and unique recipes online to help you get some of the best ideas for meals.

Some of these may not seem like the best presents for your mom or wife, but these are just but a few of the great Mother's Day gifts that you can find. I could sit here all day and write about different ideas and where to get them, but ultimately it's going to be in your best interest to think of something from the heart, not what others tell you to do. The most important part about getting great Mother's Day gifts is the thought involved in picking them out, and as long as you put forth a little of your time and effort to think of some unique, personalized, great Mother's Day gifts, then you're sure to make her a happy mommy!