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Mother’s Day has come around once again, and the question arises of what you should get your mother. Sometimes flowers and chocolates will do the trick, but other times you may want to change it up a little. That is where this gift guide can offer you some inspiration.

Let us now take a look at ten possible ideas that you could use this year. These are also simple and useful gift suggestions for any of the women in your life, on their birthdays or other special occasions too!

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1. Chocolates

Chocolates are a universal gift given on any special occasion from Christmas right through to Easter, birthdays and Mother’s Day. Try not to just pick up the first generic box that you see. Knowing your loved one you should already be aware if they prefer milk, dark or white chocolate best. There are more fancy flavors out there from lavender to chili too, but only pick these more quirky flavors if you think that they will be enjoyed.

Have you considered personalized chocolates? Chocolate does not have to be a standard gift, it can be special when a little thought goes into it. If you are buying for a Mother in Law or a friends mother and you are not sure of their tastes when it comes to chocolate, then variety boxes would certainly still go down a treat.

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2. Flowers

It is a classic and old fashioned gift idea, but most mothers would love a bunch of sweet smelling beautiful flowers. If you are someone who often forgets Mother’s Day or birthdays in general, then pre-ordering flowers with companies in advance online can help you ensure that your gift is delivered on time. This is especially useful if you are away or abroad during special occasions from time to time.

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I love how this gift incorporates pressed flowers with a sun catcher. Pressed flowers can last for ages so it is a really memorable gift idea for this Mother's Day.

Brightening up the home as well as making your mom feel special, flowers can be a certain winner. Instead of ordering online you could even get her a house plant or flower which would last for much longer and could come in a lovely ceramic pot.

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 3. Pampering Spa Days

If your mother is someone who likes facials and manicures, then a pampering spa day out or voucher for a beauty treatment would be a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Even if your mom is someone who is always looking after others and not taking time out for herself, then a voucher for a facial could be just the ticket.

You will be helping your mom to relax more and to feel special and needed too. Spa and beauty salon vouchers are great because there can be a lot of flexibility with regards to which treatment they can be used on. This means that if she does not feel like a facial, then she could chose a pedicure or massage instead. Your mom would get exactly the present she likes and you will have an ideal gift situation. This option is great if your mother has mentioned that she does not want the usual flowers or chocolates options too!

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4. Afternoon Tea or Lunch

Instead of going out for a filling or heavy evening meal or dinner, a light luncheon[1] could be a great alternative. Lady-like and dainty finger sandwiches with cupcakes and tea could make a lovely and refined change from the usual. Explore local restaurants and cafes which are near to you, to discover if afternoon tea and cakes are available.

Having food and drink together is a lovely way to spend the time with your mother, and you could even dress up especially for the occasion. Make your booking in advance to avoid disappointment at busy times, and you can be guaranteed to get your first choice place.

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5. Jewelry

Venturing into the area of jewelry is perhaps a bit more hazardous if you do not fully know your mother’s style. Classic pearl earrings or diamond studs would definitely be approved by many women. Therefore, it is arguable that there are some fool-proof options out there.

On the other hand, vouchers for jewelry could give your loved one that flexibility to choose the item they specifically wanted, from a watch to a bracelet. Most women love a little bit of sparkle in their life, and simple and classic is the way to go if you do choose to pick a jeweled piece yourself. However, remember to shop around online first too so that you can find the best deals and prices that will best suit your budget.

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6. Fragrance

Perfumes are extremely personal to people and it can be very difficult to know exactly what someone else’s tastes may be in this area. The best way forwards is to drop hints or to ask your mother about perfumes a long time in advance of when you wish to buy a fragrance for her. This way, she will hopefully not link the conversation with the gift later on and can still have a lovely surprise on the day!

If you think your mom would catch on and you would rather completely surprise her, then going for one of her staple perfumes could be a solution. Perhaps your mother has a classic scent which you know she has always worn? If you want to take the gamble with fragrance gift, then simple and elegant perfumes with a delicate floral scent could work well. Asking the shop assistant for help and advice could point you in further directions too. Buying a smaller bottle size is also a good idea, just in case she does not like it.

Alternatively, there are smaller fragrance selection boxes out there which allow you to pick up a full size of one of the scents included in the price. I personally love this idea because it means you not only get one large perfume bottle, but that you also get to try out several others too. This is a really great way to really test a perfume out at home for its longevity on a day to day basis.

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7. Gift Experiences And Tickets For Events

Gift experience days or tickets for an event could be an exciting present change from the usual, especially if you surprise your mom with tickets! Perhaps she has always wanted to see a specific band, musician or orchestra live but has not had the chance before. Maybe she has always loved a specific quiz or game show on television and you manage to get her tickets to be in the audience. Perhaps she has always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon or swim with dolphins? The list of options is really endless, but whatever the event, you can bet that there is probably a way to get tickets for it online.

Book online or in advance to ensure you get your first choice and are not disappointed. Gift experience packages are extremely memorable and a really quirky and alternative gift idea to the usual presents out there. It shows you have put a lot of forward planning and thought into it too.

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If you are on a budget, then a beautiful photo gift could be just what you are looking for this Mother’s Day. Find a cherished photo which has great memories for you of your mom, and place this in a frame which you have either made or bought. This sort of personalized gift could be displayed in the home for years, so be sure to pick a great and flattering image for it. Perhaps you have one of your mother and yourself as a child? Or one of your mom on her own looking radiant and happy?

Below is a YouTube video from the channel ‘Build-A-Bear’ with their host Dana. In this video she takes you through creating a personalized photo frame using decorative paper and stuck on words and images. This could be a great gift idea for anyone to make, but especially for young children and teenagers to develop their creativity and craft skills.

Wrap your photo frame in protective bubble wrap and colorful wrapping paper, and place in soft pink tissue paper in a gift bag. This idea is extremely thoughtful and creative.

If you are not a creative sort of person, then ordering canvas prints of your photos online could be a great alternative. You could order photos actually printed on mugs, tableware, computer mats, t-shirts and other clothing items too. From homemade jam to spa days, there are lots of options out there to help make your mom feel really special this Mother’s Day. 

I hope that these suggestions have given you a few ideas for this Mother’s Day. Remember that your presence rather than your presents will always be what counts on special family occasions.