Everyone wants a brand new bathroom, but of course, this comes at a cost. This is because there are things to consider, like the bath, the basin and the toilet. It is not like adding a few things to your kitchen. However, there are a few easy peazy things that you can do, in order to make this room in your house come alive again.

Paint it!

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do in any room, and the bathroom is no exception. This is a place which really needs it once in a while because it suffers from steam that don't do the paint any good.

You can either just touch up, or you can create a new theme. This is what paint can do. If you are trying to create the look you would find in a spa, then have a look around for the suitable color.

bathroom wall

credit: flickr.com/photos/artbythomasreckert


You can go further than just paint, and look at waht else you can get up there on the wall. This is great for kids who have to have a soak in the tub every night. However, it is not just for the children, but if you have the right equipment you can make some beautiful designs.

The Cabinets

Cabinets become outdated at some point in time. This is the first thing that you meet when you get up, and it will eventually put you in a bad mood if you are seeing tired and worn wooden cabinets day in and day out.

Simple paint is going to deliver an affordable job to your bathroom. You can also invest some time in getting to know more about certain techniques. Some bathrooms look great all white, and fit into a cottage look, but with others you can think of working in a marbling effect on some of the furniture.


You don't want to retile the whole bathroom - you can if you want, but this would not be cheap. However, you can find a clearance sale on and get these on a budget. Find a section on the wall or on the floor that you would like to focus on, and even go with a theme. Make sure you have your colors right. Timeless black and white always works, but you could always include a hint of lime into this, for example.




These are little accents that will make the world of difference and they just make a statement.

You can think of putting in a big fancy mirror. This is both decorative as well as practical. Most women spend a lot of time in the bathroom getting their makeup on, so this is something that is well worth investing in. If you focus on one thing like this, you won't end up breaking the bank.

You could get yourself a new shower door or make a shower curtain. This is where those creative skills come into play because there is lots you can do in the bathroom to make it as unique as possible. This is also one of the best ways to redesign your bathroom on a budget. You could make a shower curtain that is completely unique with ribbons and ties and beads at the top. It is easy enough to find a pattern for this. You just have to choose your fabric.

shower curtain



There are lots of cheap ways to store your goodies. You can make simple holders out of materials like clay, or you can buy something to place on your shelves. It always looks so much better when everything has a house to go to. Open storage especially looks good. You can hold your towels by just placing them in woven baskets on the side.


Once you have thought of a theme, you can have a look at your lighting. If you want something for your newly created spa, then you should look around for a little chandelier. The best place for this is at garage sales or second hand shops. You really have to hunt around.

There are also other nice lights you can use, such as bright spot lights, which you can dim as well when it is time to climb into the tub.