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Why Quit Soda Drinks?

We all have busy lives and yet still want to fit in the best nutrition for our bodies. People turn to fizzy drinks because they think that it will offer them a quick boost of sugar and concentration. However, there are many detrimental points to soda drinks which you should be aware of before you take that next sip. Water is by far the best alternative and although it may seem simple and boring, once you have read what these heavily carbonated drinks are doing to your health, I think you will agree that they are not the answer and that only water can solve the hydration issue. So read on if you want to find out what these popular beverages are doing to your health.

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1. Lose Weight and Avoid Empty Calories

The sugar content of fizzy drinks can be off the charts and although the flavors are far more ‘interesting’ than a humble glass of water, you would be doing your body a far bigger favor if you could make the switch to include more water in your diet. Not only will it provide better hydration, which will improve your concentration and attention span for longer, you won’t also be putting on weight through consuming copious amounts of sugar. Sugar is simply empty calories when coming from a drink that has no real nutritional benefits for you.

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2. Lower Your Blood Pressure

Sugar causes a rise in your blood-sugar levels which can lead to your heart having to work harder to pump all the blood around your body. This in turn can lead to a higher blood pressure (hyper-tension) reading. And with hyper-tension being a leading cause of heart attacks, stroke and kidney disease among other dangers, all this information gives you good reason to cut back on the pop drinks due to their high sugar contents.

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3. Banish Toxins

Have you heard of the chemical called 'Aspartame'? Read the label on the back of your fizzy beverage and you are likely to come across it. Aspartame[5] is a sugar substitute and is essentially an extremely sweet version of normal cane sugar, and this is why drinks manufacturers prefer to use it. It is actually a very risky substance, as once your body breaks it down it reduces to its original components which are aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol. The methanol breaks down further to formic acid and formaldehyde which are carcinogens. When things are ‘carcinogenic’ this means they are more likely to cause cancer forming cells. So this is serious stuff and means your soda drink clearly has more negative health effects than positive ones.

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4. Get Whiter, Brighter Teeth

Sodas are extremely corrosive towards tooth enamel and this is because of their high acid content. All of this corrosion unfortunately results in tooth decay. You have probably had some pop before that had lost its taste and you have poured it down the sink. Listen to how it fizzes; that is what is happening to the surface of your teeth! Think of the damage that this is causing and despite the taste of your sodas, this may give you cause to re-think your habit. Quitting these drinks could go a long way for you to prevent dental erosion and to reduce your dental bills.

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5. Avoid Type 2 Diabetes, Kidney Stones and Osteoporosis

The sugar we mentioned earlier is the main culprit from fizzy drinks which contributes to the rise in your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. This is a strong motivational reason to give them up! Your health is something to be treasured and well maintained and we shouldn’t be consuming products which could be detrimental to this goal.

In addition, sodas contain phosphoric acid to help stop mold developing. Phosphoric acid is also used in polishing products, dyes and soaps[7] which is worrying, so your body has to counteract the effects of this by using calcium derived from your bones. The calcium is then secreted from the kidneys into urine but this could form kidney stones over time. Due to all this calcium being drawn away from your bones, you are left with weaker bones. This in itself could lead to an increased risk for you developing osteoporosis[6]. Now if these five reasons we have covered still are not enough for you to give up pop for good then I have three more to encourage you to reconsider your soda habit once and for all.

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6. Get Hydrated and Lose the Caffeine Kick

The high caffeine content in many fizzy drinks can make you feel restless, anxious and agitated.  This is because caffeine is able to affect our central nervous system and alters the way our brains absorb certain chemicals. For example, caffeine interferes with our brains functioning of iron and potassium to name just a few. However, caffeine is also a natural diuretic and this means it speeds up your body's production of urine, which results in more trips to the bathroom. As well as this, your body will be deprived of its own stores of water through this process.

 candlesCredit: KellyP427. Prevent Cellular Damage

No one wants to age any faster than we already do, but did you know that fizzy beverages may actually accelerate the aging process? Again, read the label on your fizzy soda drink and you will more than likely come across the ingredient called ‘sodium benzoate’ (also known as E211). Now this chemical occurs naturally in some fruits, but drinks manufacturers include it in our pop drinks because it helps prevent mold in them!

Sodium benzoate[2] has the ability to actually switch off vital parts of our DNA and is linked to cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson’s disease[1]. Coca-Cola started phasing out the additive in 2008, and although it was never in regular Coke, drinks such as Fanta, Dr Pepper and even Sprite did contain it. How disgusting does this sound to be consuming a product with added mold prevention! I bet the water tap is looking very appealing right now!

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8. Get More Sleep

Lastly, we all want to get to sleep at the end of the day and not only this, but to enjoy deep and restful sleep. However, the caffeine in sodas stops you from enjoying this deep sleep because not only is it a natural stimulant, it also takes ages to leave your system and can still be present in the blood several hours after consumption. This high level of caffeine can then interfere with our brains because it can block sleep-inducing chemicals, and naturally it also increases our alertness and adrenaline production; the exact opposite of what we want to achieve during sleep!

These are just a brief collection of some of the reasons why fizzy drinks are detrimental towards our health and why cutting them out can only be a good thing. If you want more than water to drink then why not experiment with juicing fruit and vegetables at home yourself, as at least in doing this you can know all the ingredients that you are consuming. This way, you can cut out these unnatural additives for good which will only benefit your health in the long run.

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Below is a You Tube video featuring Dr. Richard Gerhauser, MD from the channel ‘Natural Foods Diet – Natural Health Information’ where he discusses if drinking soda causes heart disease. Take a look for further information.