hearthstone 111

I have cataloged many of the ways that Hearthstone players have driven me crazy while I’ve played this game since the Beta. 

That being said I do love to find competitive advantages and if the other player is not playing fair I will let them know it.  Priests and hunters tend to be the most annoying.  Priests steal my units and Hunters rush me down so they both deserve to be ruthlessly taunted.  I like to enjoy a good laugh at the expense of my opponents.  It’s nice to picture my opponent screaming at the screen and without my face being punched.  

Heal Opponent with Full Life - Priest

Priests are always annoying.  They can steal minions and cards in more ways than clowns can tie balloon animals.  The first way to annoy your opponent is to simply heal your opponent’s face on turn two while emoting, “The light shall burn you.”  Wait 10 seconds for the turn to sink in and then end your turn like nothing happened.    

Spam Emotes

Though easily countered by the “squelch” command, if done right, a nicely timed “Well played” when your opponent has obviously made a mistake or a “Thank you” when your opponent leaves the game will infuriate your opponent to no end.  I’ve had this happen to me and every time I get pretty mad.  So I make it a habit to squelch the opponent from turn one, especially if they greet me, just to be safe.  

Credit: by Feliciano Guimaraes

Fireblast Arrow Hovering

My personal favorite and most fun to use while you contemplate your turn.  You can use this with any attacking creature or spell but it’s most annoying if you click the Mage's Fireblast hero power and drag it over to your opponent’s face without actually casting it.  Do this while you think about your turn.  Imagine looking at a giant moving red arrow for 60 seconds while you wait.  Be careful with the power you wield.


Finish last turn even when it's obvious that you aren't going to win

Finishing the last move without hope is by far the most popular bad form move in Hearthstone.  It doesn’t matter if the enemy has 1 life left against a full life opponent, the opponent will play everything in their hand as if to say “see?  I can’t do anything else.”  What he should do is pull out a fireball and shoot himself in the face or use a weapon to smash into that giant and go out courageously.  Playing out his hand, ending his turn, and then immediately conceding should be banned.  

Lethal the 2nd Time - "Whoops that was a Mistake"

This one is opposite from the previous “finishing your turn when you know you’ve lost.”  You will come off as more of a jerk and very mean and cocky.  All you have to do is have more than enough sources for lethal with spells and/or minions, start with an obviously bad move, and then emote “whoops that was a mistake.”  An example would be: your opponent has three life left and you have 7.  It’s your turn, and you have a fireball and a Leeroy Jenkins.  First you shoot your fireball into your own face and emote; “whoops” then you proceed with the winning play using Leeroy to finish the job.  

Annoying sign
Credit: by Patrick Fitzgerald

Alternate between their Character and Hero Power

This one is not quite as annoying as it should be.  Start by putting your arrow on the face of the opponent and then move it over to the hero power.  Go back and forth back and forth over and over and over.  The opponent sees the red outline go back and forth over and over again.  Unfortunately it isn’t as fast as it should be.  It goes slow but still can get the job done.

Quickly Scroll Between your Cards

The best way to do this is to use this trick before the game even starts.  While you are choosing your starting hand simply scroll between your cards and make your opponent wait.  You can do this during the game but the cards become enlarged and the trick can make one get a little dizzy.  So use the trick before the game starts and make your opponent sweat.

By Cea on Flickr

Let the Timer Run Out After Each Turn

I’ve noticed many folks do not have enough patience while they play the game.  To put them on edge simply play out your full turn and then do not hit the “end turn” button.  You can emote, “sorry” if you’d like.  Slowing down the game will give you more time to think out all possible moves and, by deliberately slowing down the game, your opponent may make hasty moves to counter your slow play.

Remember to use these strategies responsibly.  Tell your friends to stop playing out their full turn when they can’t win and have fun playing Hearthstone!