One of the most fun jobs is internet marketing. Internet marketing allows you to life freely and work whenever you want. Often you need much time to maintain the internet websites than you would spend at a normal office job. However many people fail in the internet marketing endeavor. I would say that approximately 95% of the aspiring internet marketers fail within a year. The purpose of this article therefore is to give you 8 practical tips for improving your success.

1. Begin now

Constantly reading blogs and EBooks about making money online is totally useless. You have to try out things yourself. In this way you will gain experience in starting internet businesses. If you don’t do this you will never develop a feeling for what businesses will work and which will certainly fail. Reading good blogs will help you to some extent, but you still have to put in the work yourself in order to succeed. Moving forward is the only way to get things shaking.

2. Focus on search engine optimization

The easiest way with making money online is using Google search engine traffic. All other ways of generating traffic will require more active work from your part. However if you succeeded in reaching the top 1 spot in the Google search engines, your maintenance work will be pretty passive. People go to Google to solve their problems, search an answer for a question they have or buy a product. These visitors are the most useful for internet marketing purposes. You will have to get over 80 times the social traffic to make the same money you can make from search visitors.

3. Focus on niches

It is almost impossible to compete in markets like Acne, cars or mortgages. This is really a futile effort. The best is to focus on niches with relatively low competition. Good sites to find niches are Amazon, Sitepoint and Flippa.

4. Good keyword research

Good keyword research is the basis for building solid internet businesses. If you choose to competitive niches, your keywords will never pan out. However be sure to choose keywords with enough earnings potential. A keyword that is purely navigational will not make you the next John Chow.

5. Stop the excessive blog reading

Most important in succeeding in online marketing is taking action. Reading blogs will get you absolutely nowhere. You have to start doing keyword research, setting up websites and enjoy the process. This is the only way to become a success online. Reading theories all day long on other people’s blogs and websites will get you absolutely nowhere. This is like reading a book about bodybuilding, without going to the gym or eating protein.

6. Target keywords with posts

Many internet marketing guru’s stress the fact that you will have to post every day for the sake of posting. However, this is one of the greatest fables in internet marketing. Only update your website if it is really necessary. In order to do this, post articles that are keyword targeted, no random posts about whatever subject you like talking about.

7. Start some websites/businesses

Just start some websites. Many people complain about the costs involved in this endeavor. But let’s be realistic. Hosting at Hostgator will cost you approximately 8 Dollars a month. A domain will probably cost you 10 dollars. These are no big expenses.

8. Persist, persist, persist!

With persistence, you will succeed inevitably in internet marketing. Just keep doing keyword research, writing keyword focused articles and staring new projects.