Life of the Party

The Great Escape

It’s been another long hectic week at work and you’ve literally counted down the hours since Monday morning till a much anticipated TGIF. The moment finally comes where that sigh of relief feels like you’ve been finally emancipated from your cubicle prison. Each step away from drudgery is like a leap whilst you tear off all the suffocating trappings of servitude. You finally reach the land of liquid gold and hypnotic tremors only to discover the place is like a cemetery on New Year’s Eve, dead.

You think to yourself “Where’s the party?”

You’re at a crucial crossroad of your most anticipated night. You could leave and find a better party, or stay and pray it gets better OR you could pump some of your own lifeblood into the place and create a memorable night for everyone else.

Being the life of the party requires possessing or learning certain qualities that are sure-fire ways of having a good time no matter where you are or who you are with. So stop waiting for someone else to show you a great time and take the lead!

For convenience, I will abbreviate ‘life of the party’ as 'LOTP'

1. Openness

LOTPs have an open door policy, they do not discriminate in choosing who to party with in fact they treat everyone as a friend even the random surly drunkards. LOTPs have the more the merrier mentality which serves only to add fuel to the fire of the party. On top of this, people gravitate towards LOTPs through their welcoming and unthreatening body language.

2. Courage/Audacity

You need to have a bit of courage and audacity to be the first one on the dance floor, to go up to complete strangers and join their circle or rouse an otherwise lifeless crowd into action – this is where courage gives the edge needed to spice things up.

LOTPs don’t care what others think of them, they aren’t afraid of letting go and going a bit wild and daring so others can enjoy themselves – they just do what feels right to them.

3. Selflessness

LOTPs have the ability to make those around them feel like the stars of the party.  They put the attention on others by making those around them laugh, dance, and feel alive in the moment. By shifting the spotlight onto others, LOTPs make those around them feel special and important. This in turn brings out the best in people through the group’s positive social validation

4. High Positive Energy

LOTPs are like stars – their radiance gives life to all those that gravitate towards their exuberant and alluring energy.  It’s a combination of optimism and high energy that makes them extremely likeable however they are also careful not to go overboard with their energy that they become off putting.   

The LOPT’s irresistible energy comes from their zest for life. They have the kind of natural high you get from being a genuinely happy person rather than the temporary euphoric high that is fueled by synthetic means i.e. alcohol and drugs. 

5. Relaxed Charm

The last thing people want to encounter when they are out partying  is someone who is tense, nervous or stressed out. LOTPs know how to relax and let go. They go with the flow and are fluid in motion and in conversation – there are no faux pas that can make others feel uncomfortable. LOTPs are comfortable with themselves and have their guards down, making others feel at ease to be themselves and let loose.

6. Social Enabler

LOTPs are the social lubricant that keeps the drinks and conversations flowing. Whether they are acting as a social match maker or rousing people into action their natural tendency to bring out the best in others without self-gain raises their social value. The LOTP provides the foundation for a flourishing environment where others can interact with one another.

7. Fun and Spontaneous

The most important quality that a LOTP must possess is to be fun. People go to parties for one main reason, to have a good time. When it comes to fun, people are like moths to a flame – they simply cannot resist the radiance and energy that a LOTP generates. The LOTP’s light-hearted and spontaneous nature is simply irresistible to others – they smile, laugh and playfully joke around at any chance they have. The more fun a LOTP has the more fun everyone else has.

8. Value Arsenal

For the LOTP it’s all about adding value to the party and to other people’s lives. LOTPs add value through a variety of different ways such as being a great conversationalist, having a repertoire of intriguing anecdotes or knowing some great party games. They come alive with purpose when they are engaging and entertaining others. For this reason they always have a ‘value arsenal’ at their disposal to ensure others can enjoy themselves anytime and anywhere. Their constant investment in themselves as individuals helps keep things fresh and versatile enough to interact with all types of personalities.

Be the Life of the Party

Being a LOTP is all about connecting with our common humanity rather than simply possessing a set of specific qualities. You don’t necessarily need to be a natural extrovert or have Dutch courage to be the LOTP (although it helps) all you really need is the mentality to have a good time whilst being yourself and the rest will fall into place accordingly.

So next time you find yourself at a lifeless party, instead of leaving and looking for something better why not be brave and open yourself to those around you, relax and just focus on making others feel better about themselves with your optimism, and use your arsenal of intriguing anecdotes and party games to make others laugh and have the time of their life. After all, it’s easier to be the life of the party than trying to find a party.