Unique Engagement Ring Styles

Modern engagement rings are more now more intricate. Although diamonds remain to be the centrepiece of the ring, more efforts are being put into designing the whole ring to create a ring with more details. Some of the most common “principles” used by wedding ring designers include:

1)    History of the couple – like tattoos, some couples want symbols of their relationship to be incorporated in their ring designs. Some couples take symbolisms from ancient culture to tell their stories, similar to how tribal tattoos are made. For example, they use wood that symbolizes peace and humility, celtic knot that symbolizes eternal love, ruby that symbolize inspiration and passion and put all those elements in the ring.

2)    Personalities of the couple – some couples from actually leave the actual design to the designers and use your personalities as an inspiration. Some of the designers end up using objects that couple remind them of. For examples, designers use flowers and vines for cute and young couples. Others use dark colored gems for unconventional couples. Eco-friendly stones are also being used for couples who are into environmental causes.

3)    Ancient Symbols – as ancient spirituality principles are becoming more mainstream, ancient cultures are also gaining some attention. More people are realizing the “beauty” and depth of these symbols. This is giving designers the freedom to use these ancient symbols for engagement rings.

Below are some of the modern engagement ring trends that are sure to become classic styles.

Pedestal for the Diamond

The diamond is the highlight of the ring but modern ring designers are putting as much effort in making the entire ring attractive. That includes creating a pedestal where the diamond rests. Traditional ring settings, like the princess setting, raise the stone which may already be considered a pedestal but new designs make an intricately designed pedestal for the stone to add some more charm. Some options include:

  • surrounding the diamond with “vines”
  • using other kinds of gem to create the pedestal
  • using ancient tribal knots to create the vine  
  • using different metals and use this to form the pedestal

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Pedestal Engagement Ring

Pedestal Engagement Ring(112888)

Flowery Design

Flower has been used as a pattern in many engagement rings but recent years have seen its popularity rising among engagement rings. There are different ways to execute the flowery-inspired engagement ring. Some use the metal (silver, gold, platinum, and others) to shape the flower. They use the stones or gems to fill in the gaps.

The second way to do it is to actually use the stones or gems to form the flower. Some opt to use different gems of the same shade to build up to the big diamond in the middle. For example, you can use pink rose quartz as the outer layer, then ruby as the second layer, pink purple sapphire as the third layer, and finally, the diamond in the middle. The gradual build up of the colors, from mild to strong, will make the diamond in the middle shine more.

Check out Amazon for Flower Engagement Rings.. They flower engagement ring with prices ranging frong $100 to $50,000. The more affordable rings are either cubic zirconia (lab grown diamonds) or diamonds with low carat.

Twisted Bands

Vines and knots are popular as a tattoo. However, more people are using it to design the bands of their engagement rings. There are different kinds of knots and vines you can use. The most common one used is the braided design. It look like the braid women do on their hair. It’s made of three strands that intertwine. However, celtic knots and other tribal knots offer far more depth (in terms of the meaning behind the knots) and more intricate ways to twist the bands of the engagement ring.

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Twisted Bands Engagement Rings

Twisted Bands Engagement Rings(112892)

Hanayama Rings                

Hanayama is a ring design popular in Japan and other Asian countryies. A Hanayama ring has two or more metals that are intricately joined together. These rings may be taken apart and put back together if you can figure how to do it. It is a puzzle ring. These kinds of rings were popular in the 15th to 16th centuries but are now making a come-back. This was not originally intended to become an engagement ring.

However, most couple prefer this because they feel that it symbolizes their dynamic in their relationship. They, like the ring, remain two different individuals but they intricately complement each other which allows them to create a beautiful relationship.

Visit Amazon for Puzzle Rings.Authentic sterling silver hanayama rings go as low as $15. There are also the more intricate hanayama rings and those with stones that can go for as high as $50,000.

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Hanayama Ring

Hanayama Ring

Three-Stone Ring

Using three stones and three metals are also becoming more popular as it symbolizes the past, the present and the future. You may opt to:

  • have of the same gems
  • use three different gems
  • use three different colors of diamond

You may also use more than three stones. Some couples choose one gem to symbolize every “milestones” in their relationship including the day they met, the day they first kiss, their first big conflict, the decision to take the relationship seriously, their first big problem, and others.

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Three Stone Engagement Ring

3 Stone Engagement Ring

Gems Rarer Than Diamonds

Yes, there are gems that are rarer than diamonds. There more than ten gems that are rarer and more expensive than diamonds. These gems are so rare, they are more often found only in one country and are sold under strict conditions and rules. These gems include Painite, Alexandrite, Tanzanite, Benitoite, Poudretteite, Grandidierite, Red Diamonds, Musgravite, Jeremejevite, Red Beryl, and others.

Some guys do recognize that women still prefer the traditional colorless diamond. One option is to just combine these rare gems with the colorless one.

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Red Beryl Stone

Eternity Ring

Make the diamonds rain. Surround the band with diamonds and make layers upon layers of diamonds to surround the biggest piece. These types of engagement rings are also called 5-tables rings because you can stil see it even if you are five tables away.

You may also Pave Setting with the eternity ring. The pave setting si when the stones cover the metal of the rings. Essentially, your ring will look like stones stuck together. The metal on which the stones are set on, invisible.

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Eternity Engagement Ring

Eternity Engagement Ring