#8 Salar De Uyuni

World's Largest Mirror

Imagine walking for miles over flat salt, covered in 6 inches of water. The reflections of the sky create spectacular views that will take your breath away, while hotel in the middle provides lodging for tourists. The pristine landscape is a perfect vacation spot.


#7 Streets of Bonn, Germany

These stunning cherry blossoms line the streets of Bonn as they come to full bloom in the spring. If you've ever wanted to visit Germany, this is one more reason why you should go.

Cherry Blossom

#6 Mendenhall Ice Caves

Juneau, Alaska

This picture may seem other-wordly, but it actually exists deep in a glacier in Alaska. Getting there is too difficult except for the most adventurous explorers, as the ice melts while you walk along it. Don't let that stop you if you want to try to, as many people have had the privilege to see it in person.


#5 Christ of the Abyss

San Fruttoso, Italy

This underwater statue has to be seen to be believed. Diving down to it is a once of a lifetime experience. It rises out of the ocean floor over 5 stories tall.


#4 Kalavantin Durg

Panvel, India

The luscious green landscape and amazing views make this place #4 on our list. Winding, steep staircases are the only way to reach the top, but those who make it are rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding area.


#3 Zhangye Danxia Formations

Gansu, China

These sandstone deposits create a rainbow landscape that makes this place worth a spot high up on the list. 


Hang Son Doong Cave


The world's largest cave, located in Vietnam, could fit 400 ft tall buildings inside! Exploring the whole thing can't be done in a day, but even close to the entrance it looks awesome.



Hordaland, Norway

2000 ft up in the air above Norway, tourists can look out across the most amazing view on earth. Bungee jumping is also a popular activity for the extremely daring.