The summer fair and carnivals are beginning to start at venues all across North America. A fair and carnival is a lot of fun. Here are 8 activities that must be done at every fair or carnival. In addition to these activities, make sure that you visit the farm animals if it is a County fair.

Corn Dogs

Corn DogCredit: Flickr/Ja69

I try not to eat corn dogs unless they are homemade. I love corndogs but will generally only eat corndogs that are made of 100% beef. Most hot dogs have a mixture of mechanically separate chicken, beef, and pork butt. Yuck. I will however make an exception when I visit a fair. The taste of a greasy corn dog is just better when you are at an event like a fair.


Swing Ride at Fair

The Swings are a lot of fun. You don’t have to be a kid to ride the swings. Riding the swings is a fun activity that should be done by everybody who visits a fair; just make sure you wait to eat the corn dog until after you ride the swings.

Ferris Wheels

Ferris Wheel(49898)Credit: Ja69/Flickr

Ferris Wheels are a mainstay at county fairs. Even if you do not ride the rides, you should at least take a round on the Ferris wheel. Tip: Take you camera and snap some pictures from the top of the Ferris wheel.

People Watching

Fair People

"People watching" is one of the most interesting activities you can do at a fair, and it is free. You see the cute women with skin showing, the fat guy eating cotton candy, the lady on oxygen smoking, the clown who is pissed off by his job…

The variety of people and their interaction with each other is priceless.

Fish Bowl Game

Fish GameCredit: Ja69/Flickr

Throwing ping pong balls into a fish bowl is mindless entertainment. I don’t agree with fairs giving out goldfish as many of them eventually die a young death, but the game its’ self is fun. Throw balls and have a chance one will go in. This is an extremely fun game for small children, and many adults enjoy it as well.

Shooting Red Star Games

Osama Bin Laden Shooting Target

The game is practically impossible to win, but when Osama Bin Laden is added it makes it patriotic. You’re not going to win, but it is a lot of fun to give it a few tries.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy(49896)Credit: Ja69/Flickr

Seriously dude, what the heck are you doing at a fair if you refuse to eat cotton candy? Cotton candy is truly awesome. If you get lucky they may have the banana flavored cotton candy. The Banana flavored cotton candy is the best tasting cotton candy in the whole world, especially if you wash it down with freshly squeezed lemonade.

Elephant Ears

Elephant EarsCredit: Ja69/Flickr

Elephant ears, also called scones when you are not at a fair, are those large treat that will fill you up. If money is tight buy an elephant ear to eat. It will fill you up. You can get one laden with sugar and cinnamon, but I prefer straight butter on mine. Fair scones are greasy, deep-fried, and dang good tasting.