Money makes the world go 'round, and without it, somehow, it makes you feel unsuccessful in life. However, this is the myth we are all led to believe, so we eventually get into debt. Hopefully as time passes by and you see yourself living paycheck to paycheck you discover that you need to start becoming debt free.

The first step you need to do becoming debt free is to realize that you are in debt. If that threatening foreclosure, notice of disconnection, or debt collection letters doesn't pull you back into reality, then maybe you need to JUST STOP.

STOP thinking your debt will all go away like magic. The problem with debt is that with interest accruing, your debt just keeps getting bigger, unless you start paying it back. The phone calls won't stop. The collectors won't stop coming to your doorstep, and dreaming that you can just move out of state will not make it go away. Becoming debt free is something you need to work on seriously day in and day out, and it will take determination and resolve to see it through.

STOP using your credit cards immediately! Becoming debt free means you need to start paying cash for mostly all your purchases, and if you can't, then you must not buy it. Believe me it gets easier after a few weeks.

STOP spending without a budget. Make a list of all the things you spend your money on for every month. This may include club memberships, clothing, food, utilities, and everyday expenses. Don't write down the major expenses like home and car loans. This will allow you to see in real figures and know exactly where your money goes, and what you need to cut back on if you're working towards becoming debt free.

STOP adding to your current expenses. In fact, from this list, you can allocate an amount that will go towards paying off some of your debt. The trick to becoming debt free is not to get overwhelmed and to take it one debt at a time. Becoming debt free means that you do not stress over the big picture, and continue to make small but sure steps that will get your problem fixed. Worrying will not bring in another dollar, nor will it take away a dime from what you owe.

START by paying off the smaller and more manageable debts. Also, if there are fluctuating monthly bills that you have no option but to keep, try to lower the figure every month. For instance, instead of keeping your water heater on all the time, you could have turned it off during the day when no one is using it. You could also try texting instead of talking on cell phone to prevent overage charges. Don't cook more than what your family or you can consume because it just ends up in the trash. These are small things you can try to do to becoming debt free. Just by looking at these examples you will be surprised at the amount you can save every month.

START paying off your bills, and do it on the due date so you won't incur additional late penalties. Becoming debt free means having not to give into that current summer sale or big discount on items you don't need anyway.

START paying more on credit cards than the required minimum payment. With the money you are saving with your small cost cutting measures, you can pay more than the minimum payment. Eventually, you will end up paying less every month because your principal due will start to decrease substantially. Also, the extra amount you pay will be interest-free. Eventually, you will have more extra money since you are paying less on your monthly bills. With even more cash, you can go on to the next bill, and so on, and so forth.

START paying more on the bigger debt once you have paid off the smaller ones. You can do this using the same method with the credit card bill. By adding the amount on your home mortgage, you are offsetting the cost of the total loan. And you will enjoy a faster loan term as well as lower monthly payments.

Becoming debt free is basically mind over matter. You need to want it, and have the discipline to make it happen by controlling your expenses. In time, you will see that becoming debt free is a near possibility, and something achievable.