With a baby needing to be held and a busy toddler running around, how does a busy mom find time to prepare and eat healthy foods? New mothers try to get so many things done in a day and often what is left for last is the mom and her needs. Many of these ingredients are pre-packaged and go together very easily with chopped fresh fruits or vegetables to create a quick and healthy snack. These healthy snacks or mini-meals are ready in five or ten minutes and are perfect for the busy, on-the-go mom.

Cucumbers and cottage cheese is a super-quick mini-meal high in protein and if there are leftover cucumber spears, they can be tossed into a dinner salad.

Raspberry parfait is an easy and healthy treat that is great at home or to take on an errand by grabbing a yogurt container, spoon and separate container of berries. Kids will enjoy helping to prepare this snack by mixing the fruit with the yogurt.

A Mediterranean picnic snack is a light snack of olives, sliced cheese, cherry tomatoes and a chunk of bread for a busy mom who is trying to feed the baby or get some housework done. She can grab a couple bites of these perfect finger foods in between other activities.

An individual serving size package of frozen Edamame (ready in 10 minutes if using the microwave), is a perfect finger-food snack that is also high in protein. They can either be defrosted in the microwave or left to thaw at room temperature until ready to eat.

A snack of vegetables and hummus can be made even easier if the vegetables are purchased in ready-to-eat format such as peeled baby carrots, chopped mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Be sure to check out the wide variety of hummus flavors that are available in many grocery stores.

Spicy pumpkin seed mix combines a pinch of spice rub with 1/2 cup each of pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, dried and chopped mangos, dates and pineapple for a fun snack that is easy to prepare and also travels well.

Combining mini rice-cakes with peanut butter and bananas will be a favorite of both moms and their toddlers, who will enjoy making these mini-"sandwiches".

A fruit snack that takes forty-five minutes to freeze, but two minutes of washing time at the sink is frosted grapes, a healthy, refreshing treat.

To be able to match the energy levels of their toddlers and babies, busy moms need healthy foods that can be prepared quickly. With these recipes and a few minutes of preparation time, moms can enjoy delicious, healthy snacks.