Business should be fun

Do What You Love

Many people think primarily about the earning potential when they are looking at starting a business.  But that can be a big mistake. 

Some of the most successful people - whether they are bloggers or artists or writers or business executives - will tell you that if you don't love what you do your stamina and determination will not last.  And without stamina you will not have what it takes to compete in the long haul. 

No matter how smart you are or how hard you work, you won't be able to stick with your business long enough for it to rise to the top and stay there.  You might reach the top in the short term but if you are not having fun eventually your mind will wander and you will start thinking about doing things you enjoy more and the business will suffer.

You need to profit from your business but it won't matter much if you don't enjoy what you are doing.

Greatest accomplishments


What is the one thing that is more contagious than anything else in the world?  


Ok - there are no facts on this statement.  It is pure opinion.  But I'm sure you all can relate.

Have you ever been in a class where the teacher droned on like it was the most boring topic in the world?  And then been in a class where the teacher obviously loved what they were talking about and moved about the room enthusiastically and gestured wildly as they talked about the topic at hand?  What a difference!  

It is easier for anyone to listen to someone that is enthusiastic about what they are talking about than it is to listen to someone that sounds like they might fall asleep at any second.  

So get excited!  Jump around!  Make hand gestures!  Raise your voice and yell from the rooftops!  When you get worked up, others will, too.

Today's business

Don't Procrastinate

The success of your business depends on your ability to get things done.  Each day there will be things to do and if you don't get them done today then you need to get them done tomorrow.  And tomorrow there will be a whole new list of things to do!

Try to always be aware of the things that need to be done on a daily basis and make sure that they get done each day.  As you do your regular tasks, it will become a habit and your business will prosper.  


Luck Can Show Up Any Time

I used to say, "Don't call me Lucky" because I didn't like that people attributed my success to luck.  I still don't.

But I do admit that there is some luck involved.  The difference between me and someone else might be that I jump on luck when I see it.  I don't just sit there and admire it.  I pull it in by the tail and put it to work in my business.  And you know what?  The more you put luck to use the more it multiplies.  Fascinating!



Have you ever noticed that the most successful people are usually the ones that have been trying different things all their lives.  You know, Bill Gates didn't find "success" on his first attempt - but he didn't stop and drown in his "failure" either.  He didn't even consider it a failure - he just looked at it as an opportunity to learn and moved on to the next opportunity.

Failure is all in your mind.  It may not have turned out exactly the way you wanted it to but you learned right?  You gained some valuable information and if you apply it to your next project.

Unhappy customers

Unhappy Customers

None of us want to have unhappy customers.  It seems like such a negative thing and of course we avoid it, if at all possible.

But at some point, someone is not going to be happy. Use that as a learning opportunity. Find out how you can  make your products or services better.  Find ways to make your business more effective so that in the future you can avoid this type of unhappy customer.

Thinking big

Think Big!

When you are working a business and growing don't be afraid to think big.  Big dreamers are more often the ones that get big results!

I think it is important to mention though that you should think big if you WANT to be big.  Not everyone does. Not everyone wants to be a millionaire.  Not everyone wants to have a businesses in every state or province.  And if you're one of those people that's ok.

Think as big as you want to be!



Part of running a business is leading your team.  It might be a team of writers, a team of employees - or it might even be just you.  But you always have to be the leader.  And as a leader you need to set the example.  If you do what is right you will have the respect of your team and of your clients.  Be ethical and be strong and lead the way into good business.