If most of your girlfriends are in a relationship right now, it is very likely that a couple of them are going to be engaged soon and you will be left wondering why you are still single. You will be hearing your girlfriends tell stories of their “amazing” and “wonderful” relationships to the point where you'll start to wonder if there's something missing in your life.

True enough, there are a number of reasons why you should be looking for that ‘knight in shining armor who will sweep you off your feet but you have to ask yourself: is that knight in shining armor worth giving up all the awesome things that a single person enjoy? Is a comfortable life with someone worth leaving behind things such as:

You Can Focus on Your Personal Development

You can challenge yourself without asking for someone else’s approval. Trying something new and exciting can be difficult if you are living with someone and this is especially true if he’s not the supportive type of guy. There are so many things that you can do when you are single. This list includes traveling, meeting new people, trying out bizarre food and even experiencing the thrill of getting lost in an unfamiliar place.

You Have a Little Bit of Financial Freedom

Spending money on yourself won’t come with any guilt. If you want to buy a nice pair of shoes or a new dress, you could. You don’t have to worry about how you are going to purchase things because there’s nobody else to consider. Now, this is not being selfish or irresponsible. It is just the truth that when you are single, you don’t have any other responsibility other than yourself (unless you are the breadwinner of the family.)

Additionally, you can easily save more when you are single because you don’t have to buy gifts for a significant other on special occasions or get something new to wear for your romantic date.

There's Very Little Drama in Your Life

Being in a relationship can bring lots of things to your life. It makes you feel special, loved. It helps you to be inspired and become a better person and do the things that you never thought you could. However, this kind of relationship requires hard work and patience.

You must have seen or heard couples who argue about even the most trivial things and it seems like they want to end everything at that certain moment. Yeah, that happens and to some couples, that happens all the time. Being single means never having to deal with those kinds of drama.

You Can Go Out With Friends Anytime

Sleepovers, never-ending chit-chats and heart-to-heart talksare just some of the many precious moments that you’ll be missing the most when you are already in a relationship. You can no longer stay out late and go on vacation with your girlfriends because your boyfriend either wants to be with you all the time or he doesn’t trust you enough to let you out of his sight.

Lack of Boring Routines

Couples usually live in around a daily routine. It can be quite exhausting. You may not like it but you really can’t do anything about it – you’ll be forced to accept the ‘setup’ because you want the relationship to last.

Being single lets you experience different things in life – exciting, fun and yes, unfamiliar. You can go wherever and do whatever you want. It’s easy to decide on moving to another city or spending the summer out of town. Your future is brighter, and even wider with more opportunities.

The Option to Date Other People

Single people have more opportunity to meet different, amazing men (and women). You can get to appreciate men in a new level and be able to interact with them freely and learn a lot from them. You can work with them, eat out, be friends or flirt with them, and just have a great time with them without feeling guilty.

You Can Maintain Your Individuality

There are times you lose your identity when you are in a relationship and it seems as if the two of you are some kind of a ‘package deal’. You attend parties and go out with friends together and when you are seen alone, people ask about your boyfriend. There’s no more ‘you’ because it’s always ‘we’.

You Don't Have to Deal With His Relatives

When you have a relationship with someone, you won’t just be dealing with his quirks but also with his family and friends. You need to win the heart of his mother, sister, younger brother and his father. There are his friends, colleagues and even his boss who’ll come to your apartment unannounced – and you have to entertain them, cook for them and clean their mess afterwards.

When you are single, you don’t have to deal with all of that. You’ve got your own space and no one’s going to bother you in the middle of the night or pretend that you’re fond of his circle of friends.

Overall, the best reason why being single is awesome is total freedom. It’s all about you. Being unattached is actually a great opportunity for you to reach your goals and have the time of your life. You now have the chance to purchase that flat, enroll in a dance class, get that anticipated promotion at work or get a masters' degree. Really, the possibilities are endless when you are single.