Have you been waiting for so long for your boyfriend to propose? You waited so long that you ask yourself if your boyfriend is a marriage material? Well, some men are born to get married and raise a family while others are born to be single. That is just the reality in men! But save yourself some pain and know the signs of marriage material guys from the very beginning.

1. He talks about his family and someday raising his own. Guys that came from a good family almost always wants to raise his own family too someday. But if he comes from a broken family, there is a great chance that he might prefer to be single. This sign should be easy to spot.

2. He has good credit score regardless of how much he is making. It is a sign that he manage his money responsibly. This is very important especially if you are planning to have children.

3. He has goals in life. A guy who talks about marriage but does not have goals in life is not a true marriage material guy. If he does not have goals while you are going out, chances are he won't have one after you get married.

4. He is always there when you need him. Always being there for you or at least trying to be there for you when you need him is a good sign that he is committed. If your guy is always nowhere when you need him, he can only get worst when you get married.

5. He get along with his family and try to get along with yours too. If he is close to his family and relatives and tries to attend your family gatherings as well, then it's a good sign that he is a marriage material guy.

6. He is a handy man or at least keep himself on top of household fixing. If you visit his place and he does not care if the shower is leaking or the toilet is clogged, then you can't depend on him when there is something to fix in your house when you get married.

7. He does not freak out when there are kids around. He wouldn't mind looking out for his nieces or nephews every once in a while. This is a sign that he can handle having kids if you plan to have one someday.

8. He choose to spend time with you over his friends. Guys will always have their own football or poker nights. But if you got stood up for couple of times because his friends asked him out then you have to think really hard.

If your boyfriend manifests these signs then he is a marriage material. Otherwise, you need to think twice and discuss with him. There is no sense in pushing something that is not likely to fit because it is only bound to fail.