Christmas is a holiday that everyone loves, but for many it just gets too hectic when there is so much to do like cooking, baking, cleaning, decorating the house, entertaining, shopping for gifts, wrapping the gifts, attending parties and so on.On top of this we need to make a living and simply maintain our daily lives too.

Christmas is fun and it is once per year but you can get tired and stressed.Here are 7 simple and effective tips for Christmas stress relief to make the holiday relaxed and fun for the entire family.

1.Make a list in advance of the people you want to buy Christmas gifts for and what kind of gift you have in mind.

2.Do some window-shopping along the year and when you find something you have been looking for you can buy it if the price is right.When you buy out of season you can get great discounts too.

3.Use the Internet to your advantage and shop from home.Take out your gift list and start browsing different online stores.There is no stress and pressure to buy right away, take your time and look what is available.

4.Keep a record of what you buy.Write down every gift you buy on the list, no matter if you purchased the gift online or offline.If you already know the recipients name, put his or her name next to it.

Keeping notes may sound too complicated, but in reality it is not.If you don´t make any kind of notes you will get really confused and get Christmas stress when it is time to wrap the gifts, because you cannot remember who the gift is for.

5.Take advantage of the off-season and buy Christmas decorations.You will get them at reduced prices and you don´t need to worry about it when Christmas arrives.

6.Do not wait until last minute before you start wrapping the gifts.As soon as you can buy Christmas paper in the stores, buy some and wrap your presents.There is no hurry, you can wrap at your leisure without stress.Now you have time to make your gifts look outstanding and decorative.You have the opportunity to be creative and the recipient feel really special.

7.Keep a record of what you wrap, make changes or check off as necessary.If you wrap your presents early and there are many months until Christmas there is no way you can remember what you are giving everyone and exactly what the gift looked like.

8.Collect recipes during the year and it will be a lot easier and stress free to prepare a special dish for a Christmas party.The Internet has millions of recipes just waiting to be printed out on paper.

By following these Christmas stress relief tips you can enjoy a fun and relaxing holiday.