Are you interested in creating an interview post for your blog? A blog interview is an eye catcher for a blog and an informative way to share quality information with your blog audience by having a guest interview on your blog.  Nearly all bloggers aren’t interviewers. To achieve success with for an awesome blog interview there are some things you should know.

Follow these 8 steps and you will have an awesome blog interview;

1)    Have a live interview instead of using email to ask and answer your questions

Nearly all the interviews for blogs are conducted  by email. There are some issues that can occur with email interviews.

a)    The interviewee may be a terrible emailer or writer with email making your blog post sound odd and off kilter

b)    The interviewee will rush through your questions

c)    You cannot ask follow-up questions based on the answers provided if you use email as a source

Live interviews using Skype will work best for a blog interview

2)    Design great questions to ask for the blog material

Interviews will be awesome or good based on the questions the interviewer asks. Try to steer clear of boring questions. Write out the questions you plan to ask and check them before the interview with Skype. Don’t simply “wing it” after you start the interview process.

Review other blog interviews you can find online and take those same boring questions and spice them up if you cannot come up with your own. Make this an awesome blog interview

3)    Begin the interview process with a little small talk

Ask about the subject's background, where they are from, etc. Small talk can make both of you feel more comfortable before you begin to ask the questions you both know will end up in black and white after you post your awesome blog interview

4)    Make certain the interviewee understands your blog audience

An interviewee that knows the audience understands how to frame their answers to best address your audience. For an example, if your audience is a mixture of newbies and veterans the interviewee will know how to frame their answers. If the opposite is true and you have all veterans that know the high level of the business the answers are framed for, basic explanations of common niche words will not be necessary.

5)    Let them know what you expect from the interview

Before the interview begins let the interviewee know the overall aim of where you are going with the interview and what you want to see out of the awesome blog interview

6)    Make introductions

It’s polite to make introductions and it is a great place to start your awesome blog interview. Introductions are generally 2 or 3 sentences long when you write your blog interview post.

7)    Make sure you transition through questions well

A smooth transition from one question to another will make your awesome blog interview read better for an audience

8)    Always say thank you and direct people to their site

An awesome blog interview can certainly boost the traffic to your blog. Having these tips will get you one immediately.