The secret to losing weight is simple: eat less and exercise more.

I have just summarised every diet book ever written.  It really is that simple.

However despite eating less,  or exercising more, being a simple concept to understand  it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily easy.

It is possible that you can eat as much as you like and still loose weight. Do you not believe me?

In case think I’m lying then let’s take a look at Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, he is 200 lbs or around 90kg, and eats 12,000 calories a day. To get that into proportion he eats 6 days worth of food EVERY SINGLE day.

You too can eat 12,000 calories and lose weight.....if you are prepared to swim 10 miles as well as a work out in the gym on a daily basis.

Not fancy spending over 5 hours in the pool? Well the second way to guaranteed weight loss is to reduce your food intake and here’s how.

I’m going to going to list the best ways, in my opinion, to reduce the volume of food that you eat with 8 steps to eating less. Follow this programme will see the weight drop off and the smile return to your face.

1.Know how much food you're actually eating.

How much food did you have yesterday? Do you know or do you think you know?

 It is important to realise how much you are eating and when. It’s quite possible that you look back to yesterday and only remember having breakfast lunch and dinner and a cup of tea before bed. You just forgot to remember that chocolate biscuit you had with morning coffee, the two slices of ham you had while making the kids lunches, and the bar of chocolate while watching the T.V.

Make a diary and write everything down that passes your lips. Everything.  I bet they are one or two things that you forgot.

2. Trick Your Brain

It is a popular misconception that people need a certain volume of food in order to feel full-up but they are not quite accurate. The volume of food that a person needs to feel satiated cans change depending on a few psychological factors.

Think about the last time you visited a buffet restaurant. Did you notice that the plates were a lot smaller than at home? What about a buffet breakfast and the glasses they give you? You barely take a drink and the glass is empty.

Big restaurant chains know that smaller glasses and plates mean people will eat less. The brain registers the fact that the plate or glass is empty and not the volume of food. The brain thinks in along the lines of,

“I’ve had three PLATES of food I must be full.”


And not,

“I’ve had three plates of food but they were small plates so I’m really still hungry”


Look at this picture below with the exact quantity on both plates. Does the right not look fuller than the left? If you were going to eat the food on these plates would you put another spoonful onto the left and leave the right as it is?



3. Have a healthy snack handy

No matter how disciplined you are if you are eating less than you once did they will probably be a time when you are hungry. Make sure you have a healthy snack available like some dried fruit and a health bar.  Think of it as an emergency food supply. It’s far better you carry this than be tempted to go into McDonalds or Burger King.

4. Eat at Regular times

The body like to run like clockwork. Why is Monday morning always the worst? It’s because you get up at 7 a.m. each day Monday to Friday and then party like mad on the weekends getting up at 10, 11 or even midday! Then Monday comes along and the body has to start again, and reset the clock.

If you reduce your portion size and eat at regular times the body will calibrate and soon these new ideals will be the norm.

5. Brush your Teeth after Eating

If you brush your teeth immediately after eating if leaves your mouth felling fresh. This freshness will discourage you from eating anymore. There is a slight sweetness to toothpaste that is great for those that crave a dessert. If you want to try a little experiment then before you eat your favourite chocolate dessert then scrub your teeth for five minutes and then rinse with mouthwash. If you can bear to eat the dessert I guarantee you it will be the worst one you’ve ever had.

6. Drink Water

A lot of the time when we are feeling hungry we actually need water so before each meal have a glass of chilled water. Not only will this fill up the stomach and so people will eat less but water helps clean out the system and makes your skin look fresh.


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7. It's Not all or Nothing

They are so many people that believe a new diet is an all or nothing approach. They do fantastically well for the first week or so and then they cave in and have a bar of chocolate.

“Right that’s it I’ve failed.  May as well throw out this salad and have lasagne instead.”

No. This is not the Olympics. You don’t get marked down for each small error.

If you eat a bar of chocolate then look at it objectively. Appreciate at the time your body thought that this was what it needed and acknowledge it. Don’t go back to your old diet from one mistake but concentrate of how well the whole week before the chocolate was.

8. Acknowledge the Good

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT point and 90% of people reading this will instantly dismiss it, and the remaining 10% will actually lose weight. Listen up.

Before you go to bed at night I want you to say to yourself what you did successfully that day and how it made you feel.

Here’s an example. Imagine we have a girl called Helen and she followed the rules for one week, like the example above, before eating a chocolate bar. This is what she should say to herself before she goes to sleep that night.

Helen (inner monologue): Helen I just want to acknowledge today that you stuck to a lot of points on the new diet plan. You didn’t take a desert at dinner and brushed your teeth immediately afterwards.  At lunch today with the girls you were offered a biscuit with your coffee and you politely refused, at dinner you ate a lot more vegetables than usual and they actually made the dinner taste better.

I’m so proud that you did that and I know you’re going to succeed at this

The last step is by far the most important. A lot of people won’t try it but those that do will see the difference.

I guarantee that if you follow these 8 steps to Eating Less plan then you will start to lose weight and feel great. Life shouldn’t be all about watching what you eat and counting calories but if you just eat less than I am sure that you could enjoy life a little more and feel great about yourself.