Small kitchens are not uncommon, and you may find that you are in a situation where it is just impossible to renovate. You could be stuck in an apartment, and often kitchens are tiny here, so you can just make the best of it, or you can learn how to organize a small kitchen so that life is made a lot easier for you.

Clear the clutter

Once the counters are free from odds and ends, you will have a greater sense of space. You will be surprised just how much you can actually get rid of. If there are bottles and spices lying around, just have a look at the expiry date and throw out what you have to.

Pack the rest away in your cupboards, but you can also invest in storage racks – look for something that is tall, rather than going for width. This will also help with practical purposes because everything will be at your disposal.

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Use containers

Use tall containers that you can place on open shelves. Some people place their utensils in here, but you can also put food in here, especially things that you will need on a regular basis, like flour and sugar.

Use the wall

Make use of the wall to hang your pots and pans from a vertical rail with a couple of hooks attached. You can also place your knives here on a metal strip. They are also much safer here. This will free up space in the cupboards. Some people also have a towel rail on the wall, and this is also very convenient.

Get into a routine

Once you have finished eating, place the plates straight into the dishwasher. Fill up one sink with soapy water and the other without any suds, so you can wash the pots and pans. If you only have one sink, then fill a tub with water for rinsing. Also, get into the habit of unpacking the dishwasher in the morning.

There are some people who make an awful mess when they cook. Try and clean as you cook. You will make a lot less work for you, or the person who has to do the cleaning after your meal.

Use open shelving

This looks airy and it can be added on easily. You can put basically anything here. However, if you design this well, you can fit metal baskets which can contain vegetables or you can find storage holders that can house tin cans. These are also handy. It is better to place your plates at eye level because you will be up there frequently.

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There is a lot of inexpensive storage racks that specific companies provide for this very purpose. For example, you can find wire racks that fit into the inside of your cupboards, and this is a great way of storing anything because you know exactly where it is.


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Make sure every so often that you schedule a date to go through everything and check that it has not expired. Often you will buy something for the sake of it. We all do that, and this is how clutter builds up.

Sort out your cabinet

Often your plates, bowels and casserole dishes take up a huge amount of space. Some of them, you don’t even use, so you really have to go through all of them and sort out what you use and what is a couple of years old. Those that you use should be brought to the front.

The last thing you should think of doing is to clean out that old refrigerator once every so often. It is normal for a refrigerator to accumulate odds and ends, so go through this and throw away whatever does not appeal to you.

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