Step 1: Creating an idea for a website is arguably the hardest part in creating a successful website. This is often where people start and find, however, there are some simple things you can do to come up with a great idea. Mind mapping is probably the best way to start off your idea. When you come up with a topic, put your main idea down in the middle of a piece of paper  and draw or write ideas around it.

Step 2: Plan, plan and plan some more. Plan every aspect of your website from the index to the checkout. Proper and detailed planning will save you time and money when it comes time to put your website together. You will also see any fatal flaws you may meet.

Step 3: Show your website to a friend or family member. Don't show your website to someone who will either steal your idea or will reject any idea you have, even if it's a good one. Be open-minded with this step and accept any criticism you may get. At the end of the day you will be showing your website to someone who is a possible client and your websites primary intention is to please your clients.

Step 4: Once you feel you have made all adjustment that can be made and that you've planned your website from wo to go, putting it together is the next step. There are two ways to go about creating a website. Paying somebody to do it, which is often costly but can give a professional touch that you might not be able to capture or designing it yourself. There are plenty of resources on the internet that can either teach you how to create a website or that will create one for you. Learning how to make a website is an excellent skill, but can be very time-consuming.

Step 5: Launching your website is the best bit. In order to do this, you will need to find a host that suits your needs. You will also need to find a domain name that suits your website. When you find these two things, you are ready to launch your new website.

Step 6: Generating income is the last step because it should be a bonus for making a website that adds value to the internet and to your customers. The single best way to make money off a website if Google AdSense. There are many other ways to generate income such as the Amazon affiliate program.

Step 7: Marketing your website to draw in traffic is the single hardest part of creating a successful website. Learning proper marketing techniques is difficult but essential. Your website should be easy to find by Google, which means using words in the title o your website that will show up in searches. This means using topic specific words. For example, if your website is an online Psychology school. You will want to title your website as such "Online Psychology school". Once your website is generating enough income to pay for its self you may want to invest in Google AdWords. This program is complicated but very effective. You essentially bid with every search for a place on the top of Google's search list. Your bid will either be $1, $2 or $3.

Step 8: Search engine optimization or SEO is arguably the most important and the most difficult part of successful website creating. SEO refers to the practice of getting your website notices and ranked by search engines at the highest possible position. This will generate traffic at the most cost-effective way possible. This is achieved mainly with backlinks which can be manually created or created with tools and guides such as g sniper.

Step 9: Keep you websites content updated and relevant. If you don't add new content, visitors will visit twice and never return.

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