In order to raise a healthy and happy individual you need to provide good things for your children. Along with good food and a roof over their heads there are some other needs that children should be getting. There are needs that children have that are in their hearts and in their heads. These are things that provide great mental health that can help make the person you are shaping for this world a productive member of society.

Knowing that you contributed to the healthy wellbeing both mentally as well as physically for your children is something that every parent can be proud of. These are the things that may have made a difference in some cases with a man that beats his wife or a mother that beats her children. Providing these things for a child can make all the difference in the world for success and failure in a lot of cases.


When a child feels love they know that they matter to someone. They understand that they are making a difference in the lives of their parents and will love themselves even more. An individual that loves himself is more stable and healthy in relationships where they need to love someone else.


A child that has acceptance understands that they are okay the way they are. They are able to accept constructive criticism for what it is and they understand that when they are bad their parents still love them, but want them to behave in a different manner.


Security is important. Knowing that home is a good and safe place that a child can be secure about is important. There is a place where a child fits and knowing that whether they are the oldest or the middle child they have a place in the family is important.


Keeping a child safe from harm allows a child to know they can tell you anything as a parent and if all else would ever fail they are protected and safe from anything. Whether it’s a scary dream or a bully they should feel a sense of protection at home.


A child feeling independence gives them the courage to meet new people, try new things and go new places. They will venture out and be their own person without feelings of inadequacy which can decrease good mental health for children.


Morality is taught to a child and learned at home. Faith is the belief in something that you cannot absorb with your five senses. Faith gives direction when you don’t have any and will have a child do the right thing when no one else is looking.


Guidance is given to a child whenever they need it. After teaching faith, guidance is pointing them in the right direction whenever they need it. Make certain you teach your child and provide them with guidance. Guidance will help them with things like peer pressure and increase good mental health for children.


Control and boundaries are both a combination of factors. Control is allowing them to be angry. Though, being angry and kicking the dog or doing something positive with that anger are control. Boundaries are teaching them what is right and wrong and not crossing an imaginary line that shouldn’t be crossed.


These are things that contribute to the right mental health awareness for a child and should be taken seriously as a parent. Things that are incorporated into raising a good person for this world and any one that loves their child wants what’s best for them both mentally as well as physically. These are things that can help you get there with positive mental health for children.