The success of your company greatly depends on the conduct and productivity of your employees. But monitoring their work performance and attitude may be difficult, especially if they do not know their responsibilities in the workplace.

You can make an employment manual to solve this problem. It covers polices that are being enforced in the company and tells how every business transaction should be handled.

This tool is important because it not only specifies your expectations for the entire workforce, but also enumerates the different benefits you are willing to give as well as your responsibilities as an employer.

Here are the eight things that you should not forget to include in the employment manual:

  • Brief introduction- You should tell how the company started and state its business goals and philosophy.
  • Attendance and tardiness- Your employees should know that you are closely monitoring their attendance. Tell them that unexcused leave of absences and tardiness can lead to different disciplinary actions or even their termination.
  • Proper manner and attitude- Employees should act properly while inside the workplace in order to avoid confusions, miscommunications, and disputes. Inform everyone that they are required to respect each other because teamwork can lead to a productive outcome.
  • Discipline- It is better if your give examples of what kind of work attitude and conduct is prohibited in the workplace. In addition, you should also state a specific punishment that will correspond with the graveness of the offense committed. For example, an employee who started a fight will be suspended for at least three days.
  • Benefits- Specify the rules that cover different employee benefits like sick pay, health insurance, and unpaid leaves.
  • Salaries- Specify how your employees' salary is being computed. In addition, state the different bonuses that they can expect from you.
  • Workplace safety- Your employees should be assured that their workplace is free from any kind of hazard. In order to maintain the good condition of the workplace, employees should comply with the imposed safety rules and tell you if they have noticed a potential hazard in the area.
  • Discrimination- Remind your employees that the company prohibits all types of discrimination that are covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. You should encourage them to file a complaint if they were subjected to discriminatory practices.

All the rules and details that you are going to include in the employment manual should not violate state and federal laws. If you encountered problems while making it, do not hesitate to seek legal guidance from a Los Angeles employment law attorney.