Fruit Salad Ideas

An attractive fruit salad is an asset at any meal and it is quite easy to make if you follow these tips.

  • Clean and chill all ingredients ahead of time. Also, chill salad plates or bowls.
  • Leave salad ingredients in fairly large slices to give it a nice look and a good texture.
  • Thoroughly drain fruits before use, and toss salad ingredients together lightly; never stir vigorously.
  • Use the right fruits. Classic fruit salads consists of seasonal fruits without blemishes and ones that are fairly ripe. Most salads use melons, pineapple and oranges. You may also use bananas, apples, peaches and cherries. These fruits add a good splash of col8 Tips on How to Make a successful Fruit Salador, texture and variety. Adding these fruits in small portions as salad dressing can be proper.
  • Once you have chosen the fruits you would like to use, it is time to start building your salad. First, you should decide how you would like to present your salad; this will dictate how you arrange your fruit. The standard bowl of fruit should start with dense fruits. This would be your melons and pineapples which are usually cut into large pieces. Next, smaller batches of fruits should be added such as grapes. Small berries and expensive fruits should be placed on top as salad dressing.
  • If you are using a tray, large fruits can be cut to the right size and featured in sections. Medium and small fruits can be easily arranged as dressings but do not use too much of them. Edibles nuts, cheese and slices of bread can round out a tray lacking color, texture or proper amount of food for your guests.
  • Melon bowls should be treated like regular bowls of fruits. However, carved melon will deteriorate the fruit faster than a bowl due to long exposure to moisture. To fix this, line the melon with plastic wrap, insert drainage holes or place smaller batches of fruit in the melon at a time. This will make sure the fruit has shortened exposure to the extra moisture. It will also prolong the life of your bowl.
  • A fruit salad is not just a dessert, but may also be eaten as an appetizer. To serve fruits as an appetizer, you may choose to have them either covered in a sweet syrup or lathered with their own juices.