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Are you among the millions of women all across the globe who sit clutching and gazing at their phones whilst waiting for a small noise or beep indicating that they have received a new text message? Have you been on an endless wait and yet there are no messages to report? Well, if this describes your current situation, then the question of how do I get him to text me has got to be foremost on your mind.

Below, I take a look at 8 tips that will undoubtedly get a guy to text you back and you can also use these tips to know if you should wait for the guy to text first.

1. Do not look overly eager…Much as it may be difficult to contain your excitement, do not respond immediately you receive a text from a guy you fancy. Try and hold out for at least a few hours before casually sending your reply.

2. Do not be overzealous…Having taken your time to respond to his text, it is vital not to succumb .to the temptation to bombard him with numerous messages in a short span of time. The idea is to make him want to hold a conversation with you/text you back and coming off as being overzealous may put him off. Also try to create mystery with your texts.

3. Have other interests that you can share…Whenever you talk/text the guy that you are interested in, always ensure that you have other things to talk about that revolve around your own life. The last thing that you want him to think is that you do not have a life and that he is all you think about. Strive to be interesting.

4. Take time to learn his interests…Having some sort of insight into the things that he is into is a sure way to affirmatively answer the question of how do I get him to text me. If he is into playing the saxophone for example, you could learn a few things about it too so that the next time he brings it up in a conversation, you have something to chat about.

5. Do not make promises you cannot keep…If you want to keep him interested in your texts don’t promise to do things with a guy you have been eyeing when you do not mean them will definitely not endear you to him. Although some girls make such promises with the intention to impress, it ends up giving a guy the wrong impression and chances are that next time, he will not text you to tag along.

6. Do not send him inappropriate photos of yourself…As much as you may be eager to hear from him again, do not send him any photos of yourself that you would not want exposed to the public. You better off to send Him some cute text messages instead. More often than not, he is likely to share them with other people and your integrity is likely to be called into question. Consequently, the chances of hearing from him will be drastically reduced.

7. Seek his opinion/ advice…Naturally, guys love to fix problems and by asking for advice on a situation that you are struggling with, he is likely to jump at the opportunity to help. How do I get him to call me? Simply play the damsel in distress!

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8. Try not to come across as needy…Needless to say, guys hate neediness. Therefore, if you sent him a text earlier and have not heard from him for a while, do not write enquiring why he is taking long to reply or his whereabouts. As mentioned earlier, it is important that he knows that you have a life besides him. Ultimately, the question of how to get him to text me is likely to resolve itself positively as long as you do not appear too eager.