These iPad apps are just amazing for children.  The great thing about them is that there are so many different types of apps that help with their various needs.

My choice Boards

My Choice Boards are found at They are $9.99.   This board is for children with special needs.  This board gives a visual display of choices to those that have limited communication skills.  It is a touch screen and choices can also include select recorded messages.


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See.Touch.Learn.Brain parade app

This app is also at  It is a free app. With this app there is no longer a need for flash cards. This app is for special needs children also.  It is a picture learning system that has 60 exercises. There is emphasis that there is no need to organize and reorganize flash cards as done  in the past. Do you recall loosing flash cards in the past?  Well that does not happen with this app.

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Rocket Speller by Little Big Thinkers

This spelling app is for 3-7 year-olds. Kids are using words to fuel their rocket ship.  This makes spelling fun.  They receive audio and visual hints. There are 140 simple and complex words and 5 levels of engagement for children.  This is a free app found at

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Pocket Zoo app

This app shows live animal cams. This app end of the year sale is .99.  Your child will see animals all over the world.  You will see animals such as penguins, tigers, polar bears, and many more.

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 Bookworm app

This app is .99. This app is for all ages.  You are attempting to link letters and build words.  If you are unable to find the correct word, you just need to shake the app to rearrange the letters.


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Max & the Magic marker

This app allows children to draw interactive objects that come to life.  This app is .99.   Draw the characters and then watch them come alive and jump into another drawing.  This magical marker is truly magical.  This app also is found at

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Kids arts for iPad, found at With this app kids can draw, stamp, and save.  It comes in 10 easy to pick colors. Kids can choose between original themes, under the sea, and at school themes.

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 Abilipad for special needs children

This app is $19.99.     This app is a keyboard and notepad too.  It can create audio recordings and supports text to speech.  It comes in several different languages. This app designing is by an occupational therapist.  This app is found at

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 This notepad app can help parents that have special needs.

The video shown below tell mores about it.


Grade 6 Vocabulary apps

These are found at  It consists of 200 words for 6th grade students.  They also have 2 quizzes one of which is multiple choice and the other is scrambling letters to form a word.  This app is by IGamemoms to make vocabulary building fun.  What a great way to help build your child’s vocabulary.   These vocabulary apps are for Grade 6 and they also have the apps for Grade 7.


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Since we live in a computer generation, children adapt to these apps very quickly.  In fact, they can probably look at the many apps that I have listed and give adults a tutorial, because children learn very quickly.