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Job interviews used to be simple and not so complex. With so many people out of work these days, the questions at interviews have become significantly harder.  This makes sense because of the number of people interviewed for a single job can be in the hundreds. Employers are forced to narrow down the candidates as quickly as possible.  The pressure of this type of interview can put the job seeker on edge.

Here are some basic ideas for questions that may be asked.


What do you like about your last job most?

A word of advice is to never complain about your past jobs to a future employer. It’s best to realize that whatever door has closed for you in your career is best and move on. Get over any negativity or ill feelings if you have them. It will not be any help to the future.  There can be a multitude of answers for this question. Here are a few: the people, the professionalism etc. Be original.

What is your salary range?

This can be a frustrating question to answer, especially if you do not know what the job pays. You can turn this whole question around and ask “Well what does the job pay”. This will give you an idea of what range to state that you want.

What did you make at your last job?

I think this is a totally unfair question but I found it was on a lot of job applications and it’s likely you may be asked this at a job interview. It’s best to be truthful and there is no way of getting out of this one. I find that it limits the salary you can ask for when they ask you this question.

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Why do you think you haven’t got a job yet?

This is a question that you can take personally if you let it. This is where you can show your interviewer how much confidence you have.  If you take the attitude, not just a pretend attitude but genuine, that a door has closed and now you are waiting for the right door to open, it will benefit you immensely. 

A second view on this is that, there are more people out of work and not enough jobs. Still finding that right door to open is your main point.

Why would I hire you to work for me?

Here is where your track record of qualities should be emphasized.  You should accentuate the characteristics that are not easily expected.  For instance, you may be a hard worker and always on time, but that is already expected of you. This will only show you are like everyone else who wants the job.  Evaluate what makes you stand out away from the crowd. What can you do for this company?

 What would someone say are your best qualities?

This is a question about what others think about you. What would your previous boss say about you? Are you super organized, always willing to go the extra mile, always lending a hand on other projects? Pull out your old job reviews to read what your previous boss said in the review.  This should bring some good answers for this job interview question.

What is the task that you are not good at or a quality you need to work on?

This is stated in a negative way but you can turn it into a positive. Think of a project or task that you had never done before and had no experience at. Choose one that you can use as a learning curve example. You may have had no experience at it, but you worked hard at it to make it successful.

Why are you interested in working for our company?

Do your homework before the interview.  If you want even a chance at the job, know who you would be working for by doing your research. Check out websites, articles or anything that would have any meaning to you about the company.  Like a reporter who knows his or her subject and all the details, you need to research immensely those jobs you want to have a running chance at getting.  This should not be about impressing the employer although this is something that may help you on an interview. 



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