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Insuring your car is paramount, given the uncertainties that driving it around brings. However, despite the risks that surround owning a car, you don’t have pay exorbitant car insurance rates to have your automobile fully covered. There are ways that you can use to get an adequate cover at an affordable rate.

It all depends on your ability to go out of the norm and find an insurance policy that doesn’t leave your pocket empty and at the same time gives you what you are looking for. To help you get the best car insurance rates, here are eight tips that will come in handy.

8 Tips to Get the Best Car Insurance Rates

1. Expand Your Options… There are many insurance providers around all offering tailor made insurance policies for their customers. However, the rates will certainly differ depending on the company you are insuring with. One the excellent approaches to take when looking for an affordable car insurance policy is to expand your options and sample as many rates as possible. This will give a variety to choose from, and you can go with the cheapest rates.

Ask your insurance agent to guide you on the cheapest insurance rates that will at least cover your car fully for the most common risk. Take your search on the internet if you have to. Do all you can to compare the rates before making your final decision. Conduct a market survey and have an idea of what the average car insurance rates is.

2. Pay More Deductible… When you pay more deductible, you are in essence reducing the amount of premium you will pay for your car’s insurance. The beauty of it is that you pay the deductible after the car has had an accident. That means that you can still get a comprehensive cover and pay less for it. The only thing to remember is that the deductible is payable before the company takes up your claim. Thus, you should only offer to pay the deductible you can easily raise in case of an accident.

3. Take Your Car to be Appraised Before Insuring… One of the biggest problems with the insuring public is that they insure their cars based on rough estimates. While you may estimate the value of your car, it is not the best approach when looking for cheapest car insurance rates. The likelihood of giving your car a higher value than what it truly deserves is always high. A high car value translates to high and expensive premium. To avoid this take your car to an appraiser to ascertain its true vale before insuring. Such actions will ensure that you pay a premium that is equivalent to the value of your car.

4. Negotiate… Another sure way to get the best car insurance rates is to ask for them. You can always ask for a discount from your insurance company and see how much they are willing to deduct on the original premiums. Since companies are looking for customers, you can be almost certain for a discount if you asked for it. Ask for a deduction on the percentage instead of asking for a lump sum figure. In case you are not good at negotiating, ask your insurance broker or agent to do it for you.

5. Don’t Insure Unnecessary Add-Ons… Most car owners want to insure every other accessory on their car. While there is nothing wrong with this, you need to be aware to the fact that the more the accessories, the higher the insurance rate. Also, there are some risks that have a lower chance of happening depending on your area of residence. For, instance, if you leave in a peaceful state, you don’t have to insure risks such as riots as they only make the auto insurance rate high. In other words, keep the insurance coverage to its minimum while ensuring that all the fundamental risks are taken care of.

Using a agent or broker to insure your carCredit: allforyourinsurance.com6. Insure Through an Agent or Broker… There are some agents who are given special insurance rates by the companies. They give rates that are different from walk-in clients. Get in touch with an insurance broker if you want to enjoy cheaper rates. Besides the affordable rates, the agent will act on your behalf in case of an accident, thus save you insurance costs. They will give you advice on the best policy and collect car insurance quotes on your behalf. You need to deal with a trustworthy and open broker to because some of them have a tainted history or are operating without licenses.

7. Be on the Lookout for Discounts… Once in a while, insurance companies will offer discounts as a way of attracting customers. You need to keep your eyes open for such deals as they will save you some money. There are companies that give the pay as you drive incentives that have an effect on the final annual premium. Also ensure that your car has safety features such as gear locks and alarms as they have an effect on the final premium paid. If your insurance policy comes with a discount, ensure that you claim it before the renewal. Take advantage of anything that will reduce the premium to be paid.

8. Review Your Policy Each Year… Your car insurance needs change as the years go by. What you needed covered last year is not necessarily what you will need a year later. Thus, there is a need to keep reviewing your car insurance policy as years pass by. You need to consider things such thing as depreciation as they reduce the premiums further. In fact, the cheapest cars to insure are used cars since they have a lesser value. In addition, reviewing your cover lets you know if you are entitled to further discounts.

You may not have all the money to pay an insurance policy that covers all your needs, but you can enter into a car dealer financing plan that covers even the insurance costs. While this may not be cheap, it at least ensures your car is insured, and you can pay the premiums at a pace you can afford. Getting cheap car insurance rates is not that hard if you know what to do and where to look as stipulated above.