It all starts at the grocery store. You are the biggest influence on what goes in your cupboards. Making healthy food choices starts there and will shape the balance of your diet for the week to come. The best way to avoid temptation is to not have any tempting things in your house! So I have compiled this list to help keep your diet on track as you breeze through the aisles:

Things You Will Need

Grocery list.

Step 1

Most grocery stores are designed so that you can find the produce, meats, the bakery and the dairy products along the outside of the store. All other foods not found in the 4 basic food groups can be located in the middle aisles. Danger! Proceed with caution while venturing into the center aisles. Processed foods, snacks, and all other treats will try to tempt you with lucrative packaging and sweet scents.

Step 2

Shopping on an empty stomach will make your eyes grow big and you will lose all normal healthy inhibitions. You become victim to the powers of the bakery. You are then more inclined to buy things based on impulses and stray off from your list. So shopping on a full stomach will not only save you extra added calories, but it will save you money too.

Step 3

Having a plan to follow before any event will surely help things go smoothly. I believe planning is the key ingredient to any and all healthy diets. Plan meals ahead of time and weighing out your portions for the week are successful tactics. This way, you know exactly what you need and how much of it! Also, try organizing your list so that similar foods are grouped together so as to avoid random tours of unwanted aisles. Or better yet, keep a ready version of your weekly necessities on your computer that you can simply add to or edit as needed to keep your trips to the grocery store focused and on track.

Step 4

Having your kids with you at the grocery store can be fun but can also lead to unorthodox purchases. Children will be drawn to products they identify with from commercials they have seen on TV. This will force you down aisles you might usually avoid and end up with products not usually found in your cart. It is important to teach children the value of healthy foods but so is the importance for you to keep your cart under control.

Step 5

The ingredients are listed in order of occurrence. So the first ingredient on a label is the one that is most abundant in the product. Now if you were looking for strawberry jam, it would be wise to choose one that has strawberries listed first instead of sugar. I know that twizzlers also has sugar as its first ingrdient on its list yet on the package it is advertised as low-fat? So be aware of false-advertising as well or else your healthy diet could be sabotaged.

Step 6

Dark green leafy vegetables have the highest abundance of vitamins and minerals. Look for fruits that are firm, ripe and unblemished. Also, look out for mold, especially on produce packed tightly together in small boxes. If your looking for potatoes, stay away from ones that have a green tint to their skins. And finally, if your favorite produce is unavailable, go for frozen fruits and vegetables rather than canned. Canned produce are higher in sodium and do not hold their nutritional value as well as their frozen counterparts.

Step 7

Whole wheat products are more dense and provide you with an all-natural source of energy and vitamins that white products are deficient in. White enriched products have very little nutritional value and that is why they must be enriched. To make matters worse, they enriched with artificial vitamins and minerals from foreign sources making them less efficient in donating energy and essential nutrients.

Step 8

Whenever you are buying juice, make sure to always look at the label and ensure that it is made up of 100% juice. Most often, the brands that have significantly reduced prices are highly diluted. These juice blends are made up of artificial SUGARS and flavors making them very low in essential vitamins and minerals and therefore bad energy sources! So stay away from claims such as Made with Real Fruit, A Good source of daily vitamins, or even 33% real juice.

Now that your cupboards will be stocked with all the right foods, the next questions is how and when should you eat the food in order to make your fitness goals a reality? So I have gone ahead and done all the thinking and planning for you here at Log on now and tell me what you want to eat and how you want to improve your physique and I will tailor a customized meal plan to fit your specific goals and health needs! You will get you a detailed grocery list, a breakdown of the exact quantity of each ingredient in each meal, and I will make sure to include some fun and tasty of all it's FREE!

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