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Mexico is home to some great surfing and these are the 8 best Mexico surf spots. The popularity of these locations has soared over the last decade so expect other people to be surfing when you are there. Many of the "secret locations" are no longer secret. If you are planning a trip to Mexico you need to visit at least one of these surfing spots in Mexico.

  • Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. Los Cabos, Baja California offers many great surfing opportunities. If you can only visit one part of Mexico to surf then this is the place. Los Cabos has many famous surfing spots including Zippers, Monumento, El Tule, and La Roca. Los Cabos is home to some of the best Mexico surf spots available.
  • Malibu, South of Tijuana. This is commonly referred to by surfers as "Baja Malibu". Baja Malibu is located south of Tijuana and is popular with surfers from the United States who like the relative closeness of the beach. It is near the border yet offers some great surfing opportunities. There are other beaches closer to the border but this is the closest one where people surf on a regular basis.
  • Playa Los Cerritos, Baja California. Playa Los Cerritos beach is extremely popular with surfers as well as tourists who like to go swimming there. You can meet a nice blend of both locals as well as surfers from around the world. Spring Break is always brings a party along to the beach.
  • Zippers, Baja California. Zippers is part of the Los Cabos surfing scene. Zippers is generally surfed only by expert surfers. This is not a place for novice surfers to hang ten. If you are new to surfing you can visit Zippers but never actually surf there until you gain the experience needed. Once you are an experienced surfer you will still need to talk with the locals to learn how you should surf Zippers so as to keep yourself as safe as possible.
  • San Blas, Nayarit. San Blas Beach is home to Stoners Surf Camp. If you like to surf and want to improve your skills then this is a great place to come. If you are a complete newbie to surfing then San Blas is home to many great instructors. If you want to improve your surfing skills then San Blas beach is the best place for a person to surf.
  • San Pancho, Nayarit. Each year San Pancho is home to some surfing competitions. San Pancho is notable for sandy beaches and great waves.
  • Mazatlan, Sinaloa. If you venture farther South into Mexico you will come to Sinaloa and some of the best surfing in Mexico. Surfing in Mexico is always better when you visit the Sinaloa area. Camping is offered at many of the beach areas. You can camp on the beach and surf.
  • Puerto Escondido. As with all surfing spots the surf wave quality varies depending on the time of year you visit. If you are a novice surfer and visit in the month of May the waves may be too large for you. The size of the waves varies each month of the year but the quality surfing remains a constant at Puerto Escondido.

Mexico has many great places to surf. One of the best things for a surfer to do is to visit Mexico for an extended period of time. You can camp on the beaches or rent a cheap cabin near the beaches. This will give you time to sample multiple surfing hotspots in Mexico as well as absorb the local customs, traditions, and food.

The Mexican people are very hospitable on the Baja Peninsula. An extended trip surfing the hot Mexico surf spots is sure to become an annual tradition. A surfing vacation to Mexico is great also great for beginner surfers. You will come back with a lot of experience. There are many places completely new surfers can get low cost surfing instructions in Mexico. Image Credit: WikiPedia edited by BicycleWriter