Coming up with topics would be so interesting. You could actually write on things that really interests you on. There are popular topics that you want to write on. You might want to write on your hobbies. It's a nice to share what you love. And it keeps you interested on what you love to do. Then there are other tools you could use to come up with article titles.

From newspapers and magazines

                Every morning, when i wake up, i go for a jog. After completing my jogging, i read a newspaper. It's good source of information. There are lots of local, national, and international news. I usually browse through all those sections and circle on topics that interests me. I tend to read interviews, fashion advice, poetry, book reviews, movie reviews and interesting facts that happens around the world. I spend an hour coming up with different types of article topics this way.

Hobbies and Interests

                Everyone has interests and hobbies. Everyone are unique. So, when you focus on your interests, you will definitely be connecting with lots of readers who have common hobbies and interests. It's also interesting and easier to express your thoughts on a subject which you have an extensive knowledge. Your interests might different from others. You might like cars, guns, food & wine, movies, books, music, celebrities, travel, cooking. You can write on these topics. When you start to write on these topics, you will also sharpen your skills as someone who has an extensive knowledge on their hobbies. I also love to play guitars and watch lots of tv shows. I can write my own review about them and have them published. When you write, you can mention why it is important to you and to society in general.

Quotes, Jokes, and Cartoons.

                Do you read jokes and quotes ? Want to write about it ? Go for it. It would be fun to write about jokes and quotes which would make someone laugh and inspire. You can download quotes for free on the internet. You can collect and overtime, you will have lots of quotes and jokes, compile them and you can also create a pdf file out of it and have them posted as a free internet resource on your website. It depends upon you. Or you could send a gift to your loved ones. It shows that you care about them. If you visit a bookstore, you can see there are lots of comics, jokes and quotations books around. Just pick a random book and jot down some ideas. It's not just blatantly copying others jokes. You can understand each jokes and have them written on your own style. Remember. everything that we know of were already created before us. We just improvise on things. Everything else is the same. Or we could branch out from there. Sky is the limit.

Horoscopes and Palmistry

                Are you a superstitious person ? Do you read those horoscopes in the newspapers before anything else ? I am also in those categories. I just read this first before i read anything else. It's concise and it tells what's your day going to be like, or how much money you will make, or who will you meet, or what unexpected things will happen to you. And i like that predictions and want to see if i get that kind of events happen along the day. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes does not. But it just keeps you guessing, and i like hide and seek game with life. You also might know zodiac signs of your friends. You can write about the personality traits, love & relationships, how to win that particular zodiac sign articles.

                Next would be to write on palmistry. You can learn get some cheap palmistry book on it and you can learn few tips and tricks out of it. It also gives you an opener for you to approach someone and hold their hands and just say what's going to happen in their life. It's so intriguing. Sometimes people are going to ask you back, " What does that mean ?" and "How many times i am going to marry ?". It's so funny.

Follow EPL, Spanish League, and Italian Seria A ? 

                Do you play video games, online games ? Then write a review of the video games you play. You can write a short stories about the game and how each characters play their part using certain strategies to accomplish tasks. I always loved to play Tomb Raider. I knew every moves, accessories, and all those things. I could write an article out of it. Or i could write a fictional story based on that. I know an author, Patrick Larkin, who as a young boy, used to play war games and write short stories based on that concept. He is one of the best sellers of all time, teaming up with another maestro, Robert Ludlum, creator of Bourne Identity series. If you read "Tribune", you will know what i mean. You can also read opinions from the newspapers.

Talk about how to use Social Networking websites and search engines

                Do you have a facebook account ? What about twitter ? Well, in the 21st century, everyone browsing the internet has one. It's the technological ear as you might call it. I also realize that there are lots of people who actually don't know how to open account on this social networking websites ? They are not familiar with technology. Write tips on how to open an account and how to use this tools to connect with people and promote their products and services. You can also write the competition happening between these networking sites. Do you know the CEO's of these websites ? Write a biography of Mark Zuckerberg, the youngest billionaire and co-founder of Facebook.

                Besides you can also write the competitions, markets, features, advantages of different search engines such as Google, bing, and yahoo.

                If you are one of those online buyers from Amazon or EBay, write a review of those products and put a backlink to their websites. If you become an affiliate members of these websites, and if you sell a product, not just the one you referred, you get $20. So, writing on books and having backlinks with these sites will be huge advantage for you in the long run, if you want some money from other sources.

Write on Environmental Issues

                These days, we can feel the change in environment as the days are getting warmer and colder during summer and winter seasons. It's because of ozone layer depletion. That happens because the release of carbon monoxide. These toxic gas is released from pollution. So, why don't we write articles on these sensitive topics and make aware the causes and prevention. I want to ask myself what i want to see as a result of these awareness programs. We want pollutions to reduce in the coming years by 50%. If we act now, we will reap a reward in the future.

Other ideas that I could not write because of not enough time :-

a) Write about kids crafts, essay writing topics. It's an excuse for you to write more and learn from your mistakes. And top of it, it also is fun to write. Isn't it?

b) Write about soccer tournaments, tennis tournaments, grand prix, tour de France and all those things that are happening.

c) fantasy sports, news, views and opinions.

d) write about diseases. write on health issues. write on gym and workout regimes.

e) are you going to do another major ?

f) are you going abroad ?

g) are you applying for a student visa ?

h) what about reviews of lyrics, links and resources to some music software, songs, and guitar tabs ?

i) interesting facts about any topic

j) do you love cooking ? what are favorite recipes or tips on making great meals

k) environmental issues are hot right now, write on climate change, ozone depletion and acid rain.

l) seasonal fruits

m) haunting ? write about local sites where haunting occurs ? or write on stories that you have heard ? any pictures? cool if you could share.

n) do you dream ?what kind dreams do you see? what do those dream mean? have you watched 'the waking life' movie ?

o) want to write history, or music, why not write about it

p) write on spiritual aspects

That's it. There you have it. There are other ways you can generate topics for writing. Having come up with the topics are just the first part. The second part, where i will discuss, is how you can find unique article titles to come up with. These unique article titles will reflect how your webs page will rank, what are your other competitions on the same topic, how can you avoid broad topics and competitions. All those things i will break into another topics. Thanks for reading.