The truth is that we only see one side of the moon at all times; the near side. The far side of the moon is the part facing away from the Earth. Why do we only see one side of the moon. Well, since the moon completes one axial rotation at the same time is completes 1 orbit around the Earth, we only get to see one side. This is what makes the moon appear it is changing shape in the sky. Every 29.5 days the moon will show its 4 different faces it has to offer and repeat itself in this cycle continuously. I also hope we know that the Earth does not emit light off on its own and that it is a reflection of the sun.


moon phases

1.) New Moon

This time you can't see the moon at all!

2.) Waxing Crescent

The term waxing in this case means to get larger. The part we are talking about getting larger is the lit up part of the moon. During this time just a small part which is less than one half of the moon is lit up.

3.) First Quarter

One full half of the moon is lit up.

4.) Waxing Gibbous

Again waxing is referred to as slowly getting bigger. Each day the lit part gets bigger and bigger.

5.) Full Moon

This is the day you are grumpy. Just kidding! When the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth than the sun, this is when the full moon comes out to play. This is the only phase that a lunar eclipse is possible.

6.) Waning Gibbous

Waning means that the moons is slowly getting smaller. You can see that the lit part is shrinking in size.

7.) Last Quarter

This is no different view than the first quarter moon phase. Instead the light is slowly getting smaller as compared to slowly getting bigger after the first quarter moon phase.

8.) Waning Crescent

Once again, waning means the lit part of the moon is shrinking in size. Each day a little more is less seen until the new moon phase hits again.

After completing the 8 moon phases, it goes through the cycle continuously until the end of the world!