How to create the best marriage possible

No matter how long you have been a husband, you can always be better!  I have a list of 8 ways you can start being a better husband today. I hope you take these to heart and make a decision to be intentional about your marriage and the woman you decided to spend your life with.

Let Her Sleep In

If you have kids, get up with them. As soon as you hear them wake up, leave your room and let her sleep.  Let her sleep till she wakes up on her own; it may be an hour or maybe five! Just remember your wife works hard and maybe even harder than you. She deserves some extra rest from time to time or maybe even every weekend.

Do the Dishes

No one enjoys cleaning the dishes, but it needs to get done, almost every day. After dinner, do the dishes. It may not be fun and you may not enjoy it, but your wife doesn’t want to do it either. She will notice what you’re doing for her and she will appreciate it. She will appreciate it even more if she never has to wake up to a sink or kitchen full of dirty dishes ever again.

Leave Notes

A simple thank you note or love you note left for your wife can cause her whole day to be great. These notes do not need to be long or deep. They just need to be sincere. You need to let her know what she does every day or did one time is noticed and appreciated. Not only will this help to validate the work she does but it will also make her more willing to help you and do more. Just remember, it’s about making her happy, and in turn you will become happier.


For some reason, in our society, women feel as though they are required to plan and prepare meals for the family. If your wife always cooks, take the time to help her with meal planning. Volunteering to cook a few nights a week can take a huge load off of her back, not to mention cooking can be a challenge and fun!

Be Happy
Since your wife married you; we will assume she loves you and cares about your feelings and wellbeing. For this reason, if you take pride in yourself, have confidence, and are happy, your wife’s feelings toward you will be of greater love and of pride too. Women base their self worth on the quality of their relationships, the most important relationship anyone can have is the one with their spouse.

Surprise Date

Take your wife on a surprise date. This is a great way to keep her guessing and having fun. It is too easy to fall into a rut in our lives. So take the time to plan a surprise for your wife and let her know how special she is.


Figure out what all the weekly chores in your house are. Then, pick the ones you know she will least likely want to do. Finally start doing these chores every single weekend. Soon a routine will be established and even if you dislike your chores may learn to enjoy, or maybe just tolerate it. You just need to understand that you are serving the woman of your dreams.

Just Say “I Love You”

Do not underestimate the power of these three words. They are the reason you are married, they are the reason you have devoted yourself to her. Please take the take the time to tell this to your wife as many times as possible every single day. We know we are loved and we know we love, but as humans, it is nice to have a reminder.

Bonus: Give Her Alone Time

We are social creatures and love spending time with our wives. They love spending time with us but sometimes they also like to be alone. So allow her time to just be every week. Another idea is to let her set up a weekly meeting with a friend to just get coffee or tea and relax for a few hours. This time will help reenergize her and give her a new optimism, and zest for life.

So take these tips and change your marriage, crate a relationship based on love and service to one another. As Zig Zigler says, “You can get everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want in life.”