90s costume ideas can come in handy for a variety of occasions; whether its Halloween, a costume party, or simply you wanting to have fun, they can always be used. There were a large amount of people, characters, and objects that were predominantly popular throughout the 90s; however, not all of these were popular enough to make it as 90s costume ideas. Some lost their popularity over time, and others were simply not entertaining enough to make it as costumes. The amazing thing about the ones that did make it is that they are popular enough that everyone will automatically know what they are, and entertaining enough to put a smile on everyone’s face immediately upon seeing them. 

This article features the best 90s costume ideas that are on the market; some of these are meant to be worn by men, and others by women. But regardless of the gender that the costume is meant to be for, they are all fantastic by nature.

Austin Powers

This classic movie star role was played by Mike Myers and has clearly made it to thAustin Powers Mens Halloween CostumeCredit: Amazon.come top of the list of 90s costume ideas. His flirty and funny personality can be attributed to his many repeated phrases; the most common being "yeah baby". This British time travelling hero has created a character that is so amazingly hysterical that most people will immediately smile and laugh upon seeing this costume. Austin Powers costumes will vary slightly with certain features; however, all of them should include a hippie style shirt with chest hair protruding out, and a wig with hippie style hair. There were many movies that were produced in the 1990s that had great characters; however, it was Austin Powers' quirky personality that allowed his costume to be featured in this article of 90s costume ideas.

 Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Costume MaskCredit: Amazon.com

This legendary president did an amazing job at running the United States of America when it was his time; however, it was his personality outside of being a president that allowed him to be part of this 90s costume ideas list. Some of his costumes may come with clothes to wear and others may not; however, his attire should be comprised of a suit no matter if the clothes were yours prior to buying the costume, or were part of the costume package. Most of his costumes will come with a mask that depicts all of the features of his face. This classic character was the president of the United States of America during the 1990s and as a tribute to him, he has been featured in this article of 90s costume ideas.

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If someone had to pick one phenomenal movie series that was popular throughout the 1990s, a good portion of the people would choose Star Wars. Moreover, Jedi being one of theChildrens Jedi Knight Star Wars CostumeCredit: Amazon.com most well known characters, had to be featured in this article of 90s costume ideas. This costume would be a great hit because almost everybody that grew up in the 90s has at least the slightest interest in the Star Wars series. And this costume would appeal to even those minor fans. Out of all of the 90s costume ideas that are in this article, Jedi is definitely the most revolutionizing; this costume has the most meaning behind it. Many of the 90s costume ideas are here because they are entertaining, and will provide with smiles that will last the entire night. However, the Jedi costume is anything but entertaining; this is not to say that it will not make people smile and laugh, but that is definitely not its primary focus. You will be absolutely satisfied with dressing up in a Jedi costume as it will bring upon smiles from others, as well as allow them to discover the meaning behind the costume.

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Britney Spears

Although her music career was not as popular during the 21st century, sMens Drag Queen Britney Spears CostumeCredit: Amazon.comhe was by far one of the most popular female artists to hit the 90s. Britney Spears is one of the best 90s costume ideas to go about dressing up as because absolutely everybody will be aware who you are dressing up as. Although everybody may not like the music that Britney had produced, it is safe to say that absolutely everybody is well aware of who she is as a music artist. This 90s pop superstar had dirty blonde hair, a phenomenal body, and an astonishing voice to back it up! Moreover, the majority of costumes depict these features to a certain degree. If you have a great voice or simply enjoy singing, then dressing up as Britney Spears is the best bet out of all of the 90s costume ideas that are featured in this article.

 Marge Simpson

Being the only cartoon out of all of these 90s costume ideas, Marge SimpsMarge Simpson Halloween 90s CostumeCredit: Amazon.comon makes a bold appearance. This Simpson played the mother of 3 children, and wife of her husband Homer on the popular cartoon entitled The Simpsons. The Simpsons was one of the most dominant cartoons that had ever aired in the 1990s; furthermore, it would only make sense to include one of the characters with these 90s costume ideas. Although Marge is not the most popular Simpson, her costume definitely has the most appeal. Her yellow body, Simpson-like face, and large blue hair allow her to be noticed everywhere. If you like being the center of attention, and being focused on then Marge Simpson is definitely the costume for you to choose.

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This article is jam packed with 90s costume ideas. However, these aren't simply your average costumes, they are literally the best people and characters that the 90s had ever seen! There are a ton of 90s costume ideas available; this article will save you from having to sort through a pile of hay to find a needle, and provide you with the best costumes as chosen by the popularity and appeal of the decade!