Weight loss is something that many people around the world constantly battle with. For as many people who are trying to lose weight, there seems to be as many diets. This article explains the steps taken by me to lose weight some years back and is a method that I continue to use today. It has to be understood that this is not a get thin quick method and to my knowledge will not work along, in my experience, it had to be combined with regular exercise as with most weight loss programs.

Many people try to stick to calories or Red and Green days and any amount of other methods. While I accept that different people find that different methods work, my method is as the title says 95 percent fat free. So how do I achieve this?

All products have an area for nutritional information and while this information may vary, the information that always seems to be listed is the fat content and if you consider it, fat is what we are all trying to get rid of. There are normally two references to fat within the nutritional information, fat content for the entire product that you have in your hand and the fat content per 100g.

It is the fat content per 100g that is the important one using my method. I have always looked for the fat content per 100g to be 5% or less, which is where the 95 percent fat free statement comes from, the smaller the number, the better. It is important to mention however that the body does need to intake some fat per day, so trying to achieve a 0g per day would not be healthy.

It is amazing how much food is available using this method when you start to look at the fat content percentage per 100g you can actually eat almost as you used to as mist products now have a low fat alternative and have much more taste than previous low fat products.

Important points to conclude:

1. Look at the fat content per 100g in the nutritional information

2. Try to by products with 5% or less

3. Combine the above with daily exercise

As I stated above, different methods work for different people and if you have tried a number of other methods with little or no success, then maybe this one might just work for you. Go on, give it a try, what do you have to lose!!