It’s amazing to see what you can find as you check out 99 cent gift items.  Some of the merchandise you find for a buck is just amazing, to say the least.  You can find generic merchandise along with some major name brands at most online dollar stores.  There is no shortage of things to check out, regardless of what you are looking to buy.  In this article, we’ll review some of the items you can buy at 99 cent stores for gifts and try to give you some additional ideas to consider when you are giving out presents for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and just about any other occasion you can come up with.


Types of Merchandise for Sale

Party Supplies:  You’ll find streamers, decorations, gag items, party favors and more when you shop at a dollar store.  This must be one of their most popular lines of merchandise since all the 99 cent stores you enter have a full aisle of party supplies.  If you are looking for gift items, check out their party merchandise.

Cleaning Supplies:  I have personal experience with the cleaning supplies priced under a buck.  I have been pretty impressed with them overall and continue to shop at the local dollar store in my city for cleaning supplies.  The LA’s Totally Awesome cleaning supplies are especially good.  These make good housewarming presents.

Toys:  You’ll find a surprisingly good selection of toys when you shop at 99 cent stores for gift items to give to friends and loved ones.  From die cast cars like Hot Wheels and Match Box cars, to games, to action figures, you can buy presents for a child’s birthday or Christmas.  They even have some very popular product lines from the most popular cartoons and movies.

Hygiene Products:  Soap, body wash, shampoo, razors, and just about any type of hygiene product you can find are available for under a dollar.  If you use it to clean yourself up, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at the local under a dollar store.

Seasonal Decorations:  What holiday do you like to decorate for?  Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and every other holiday you can possibly think of are represented at these stores at appropriate times.

Housewares:  You’ll find cooking utensils that are very high quality and durable for just 99 cents.  In addition, you can find hand towels, dishrags, kitchen towels, and just about any other type of housewares you can think of.  These also make great gift items when you shop for presents for loved ones.

Electronics:  Okay, you won’t find an iPod or Nintendo at these stores, but you will find things like headphones, electronic key chains, and mini-gadgets to buy.

Food and Drink:  You can find lots of food and drink items at these stores.  You’ll find snack items, soda pop, nuts, dried fruit, and even cereal.  You can get great tasting food and drink items for under a buck at these types of stores.   Put them together for a nice care package for a loved one.

Baby Needs:  This is one of the places that these types of stores really shine.  You’ll find lotions for your baby, bibs, sippy cups, onesies, and even baby food at these stores.  There is no limit to the types of merchandise you’ll find for your baby. 

Hardware/Tools:  Screwdrivers, mini tool sets, nuts and bolts, hammers, saws, and more tools are available for purchase as gift items from 99 cent stores.  You will be surprised at what’s out there in the aisles at these stores.  Check them out and see what you can find when you shop there.


Popular Gift Basket Ideas

Since you can find so many 99 cent items to give out as presents, it might be a good idea to put together baskets.  Since the merchandise is under a dollar, you can often put together a nice basket for ten or fifteen bucks.  Keep this in mind when you have a loved one’s birthday coming up, for Christmas and other holidays, or for housewarming gifts.  Here are some ideas for baskets to put together.  Best of all, you can set the price limit.

Housewarming Basket:  Put some kitchen utensils, hand towels, cleaning supplies, and oven mitts into a small clothes basket (which you can get at these stores) and hand them out at housewarming parties.  For less than $20, you’ll get a nice assortment of items that will come in handy for anyone moving into a new home.  You’ll be giving a very practical and nice present to a loved one.

Baby Basket:  Grab a bib, a package of baby socks, some baby food, baby lotions, and some onesies and put them in one of those small baby bath tubs that you can buy for under a buck at these stores.  It’s a great way to put together a baby basket with 99 cent gift items.  You’ll have a nice basket put together for $15 or so.  You’ll never find that much stuff put together in a premade basket for sale.

Get Well Baskets:  Pick up some snack crackers, nuts, dried fruit, soda pop, and put them in a small basket at the store.  Then, pick up some crossword puzzle books, word finds, and Sudoku books to place in the get well basket.  When you shop 99 cent gift items to make a basket like this, it will cost less than $20 if you want it to.  Take the package to the hospital or the sick person’s home to brighten up their day a little as they work to get better.

Child’s Birthday Basket:  Buy a sand bucket for the basket.  Then take a look at the die cast cars, action figures, and kid’s games.  Put them all in the sand bucket and you’ll find something to brighten up a kid’s birthday or even a holiday.  You will spend less money than you would for just a couple of toys at most major department stores.  These are great 99 cent gift items to put together baskets.