When a filmmaker tries out new and unique concepts that goes against the traditional way of making movies he will either be ridiculed if his ideas failed, but will be widely imitated if his unique film ideas are successful. Here are the 10 best experimental filmmakers that went against the normal way of filming movies, and are not copied by other filmmakers. Many experimental filmmakers will also make traditional movies, as well as traditional movie makers that attempt to be experimental in an occasional film. This list of expermiental filmmakers is in no particular order.

  1. "Gus Van Sant" - Van Sant is not afraid to experiment and try new things with his films. His so called Death Trilogy that consist of the movies, Last Days, Gerry, and Elephant are all movies that are not always linear in their story telling. These movies tend to have very little actual dialog. In Elephant and Paranoid Park a scene in the movie will be re-visited and viewed from a different perspective, yet the audience is not made aware of what is happening.
  2. "Jared Hess" - The writer and producer of the movie Napoleon Dynamite is often viewed as an experimental filmmaker. Hess does not set out to be experimental, he simply wants to make a movie in his own style and was extremely successful with Napoleon Dynamite. The wacky yet simplistic story line that made Napoleon Dynamite a hit move as been attribute to Hess's ability to showcase the basic struggles in life, such as getting picked on in high school. and making it entertaining as we cheer for the underdog.
  3. "Peter Hutton" - Peter Hutton has made numerous short films that challenge traditional film techniques, yet his most successful attempt was "At Sea" which is one of the best modern experimental movies.
  4. "Stanley Kubrick" -Clock Work Orange is considered an experimental film, yet Kubrick knew exactly what he was doing with this cult classic.
  5. "Rene Clair" - The 1924 classic comedy short "Entr'acte" was a very influential movie because it was filmed simply to make people laugh.
  6. "Jonas Mekas" - In 1944 Jonas Was imprisoned in Germany during the war as he was trying to leave Lithuania because of the war. After he was released he borrowed some money to buy a camera and began documenting his daily life. Mekas continues to work with experimental films to this day.
  7. "Todd Solondz" - He has a large list of experimental styled films including the cult hit "Welcome to the Dollhouse".
  8. "Kenneth Anger" - Anger was one of the first openly gay film producers, and he was born in 1927. Anger only made experimental short films, and nothing was to taboo for him. Kenneth Anger was the original "shock jock" of cinema.
  9. "Michael Snow" - Michael Snow has not only made some of the most experimental films in modern cinema history, he has also heavily influenced many of the current experimental filmmakers.