1.  Smart Alarm Clock Free:  sleep cycles & phases

The sleep app is at iTunes.  This app will check your sleep and find your perfect wake-up time.  It logs your statistics and records  each sleep phase.   This is amazing technology.


Smart Alarm Clock Free:  sleep cycles & phasesCredit: iTunes

2.  Brain Challenge 3:  Think Again!

This app is from Verizon wireless.   It trains your brain with exercises, memory, and much more. Who would have ever thought an app could do all of this?  It also gives visual training.

2.  Brain Challenge 3:Credit: Verizon Wireless

3.  Baby Tracker from WhatToExpect.com by Everyday Health, Inc.

 This app will take the mystery out of what an expectant mother is to expect when having a baby.   You can keep track of your baby’s first 12 months of life. What about tracking  your babies sleeping, feeding, and even vaccinations?  It does all of that and much more. It will keep a log you may show your doctor during doctor visits. 

Baby TrackerCredit: EveryDay Health

4.  Fooducate- Healthy Food Diet & Nutrition Scanner

Those numbers on the bar codes of foods mean something.  You can scan the bar code and discover how many calories per serving or the food point value.

Fooducate- Healthy Food Diet & Nutrition ScannerCredit: itunes.apple.com

5.  The Eatery

 This iPhone app helps to improve your eating habits by taking photos of your food. This is so simple.  It will then show you your habits, which include your strengths and weakness.

Eatery phone appCredit: Eatery.massive health.com

6.  Eat, Chew, Rest iPhone app

Has anyone ever told you that you eat too fast?  This app gives you visual prompts to slow you down when you eat.


Eat, Chew, Rest iphone appCredit: itunes.apple.com

7.  Walgreen Mobile app

This iPhone app is ideal to refill prescriptions by just scanning your bottle.   You can refill for a family member, transfer prescription by scanning, get Rx Text alerts, and a great thing that I like is the pill reminder.   How annoying is it to forget to take your pill.   Technology has really evolved.

Walgreens Mobile appCredit: itunes.apple.com

8.  Instant Heart Rate app

This app is good for measuring exercise and tracking your progress.  You can check your heart rate.   EMT’s, nurses, doctors, and coaches have accurately tested this. 

Instant Heart Rate appCredit: appbrain.com

9.  Restaurant Nutritional app

Although you may make every attempt to eat healthy by preparing your own meals, there are times that you and your family prefer to go out to eat.  When eating out, you still want to make healthy choices.    This free app allows you to check the food content of the foods that you eat at various restaurants.   You can find out the fat or sodium content.  Know your nutritional calories of  food when you go out to eat.  You are a smart  consumer  by doing this.

Restaurant Nutritional appCredit: itunes.apple.com


While you might not entertain using these apps, you might find one or two that would be useful in bettering your nutrition and your health.  My favorite is the Healthy Food Diet & Nutrition Scanner.  Do you have a favorite health app?