1. I'm tired: How many times has that been used as a way to get out of doing anything. Women invented this so that they could get away from sexual relations with their spouse. Years later men got on the band wagon and started to use the same excuse when they are supposed to go shopping with their wives. Darling, I would love to go shopping with you but I am just so tired. Children seem to have learned a lot from their parents by saying they are tired when they have to do their homework or help with chores around the house. The problem with this excuse is that nothing ever gets done because everyone is tired. Why is it that when we are tired we still find it stimulating to sit back and watch a movie? It must be all in the mind. The more we say we are tired, the more we feel tired and it just goes around.

  2. The Sex meant nothing: This is a crazy excuse that mostly men use to mitigate marital infidelity. How could you have sex with someone that is not your spouse and then explain that it was just pure sex and meant nothing. Darling that girl meant nothing to me. If it meant nothing, why did you do it? At times most women confronted with this situation would prefer that their future ex husband say nothing. Marital infidelity is one of those things that is just too difficult to explain not to talk about trying to justify the act. You are better off to shut up, instead of saying something stupid.

  3. You were great in bed: Oh women are also responsible for this. Women are good at faking it and they would lie just to make their husband feel good. Men are quite good at faking it as well. We have been told that sexual intimacy is something that should be enjoyed. If you don't enjoy it, you might be at a crossroad. If you feel you are alone and that something is wrong with you, don't worry you are not alone. The only thing left is to pretend. It is bad for your spouse and you hope he never finds out. At times the truth normally comes out during a heated argument. You tell him how you have been faking it for years and how he is such a lousy lover. Imagine how devastated your spouse must feel. You will feel regret and wish you had never said it. It is too late to take back those words. The good thing about such misspoken words is that you will probably finally get the courage to address the issue instead lying or faking it.

  4. You are the father: That is such an evil lie. It has been said that only women know who the real father of the children is. That might not be too comforting to the many fathers out there. It is still the truth that you might be surprise when a DNA analysis comes back stating you don't even belong to the family. Imagine you have raised the child as your own for years. How would you feel? Some would say that is worse than Judas betraying Jesus. That is an exaggeration but, you will feel betrayed that your spouse as led you on for so many years. The saying "what you don't wouldn't hurt you" might be true with regards to this lie. It will be very difficult to trust your wife and the mother of your children. No! The mother of her children because you only adopted them unintentionally.

  5. I was thinking of you all day: If you have been married for some years, there is no way you would spend the whole day thinking about your spouse. You know that is an outright lie. You have to think about other things. I would hate to think the train driver or the pilot of an airplane would spend the whole day think about his or her other half. That might have some far reaching consequences if he or she was day dreaming. Jobs like that need people to concentrate and make it safely back home. When you get home or on your way home you are allowed to start thinking about your spouse. You are not allowed to do that on the job.

  6. You are the Most beautiful woman ever: That is another lie. You spouse has never seen all the women in the world. How is he supposed to know that there isn't another woman that looks far better than you. I guess you don't care. If he thinks that you are the most beautiful woman ever, he must be right. That is one of those lies that women would love to hear over and over again. The ironic think about this is that women would say to their men, don't you ever lie to me. They will however make exceptions to that rule if it goes along with what they want to hear.

  7. If you were to die I will stay single: How would you know if he doesn't already have someone lined up. What does it matter to you once you are gone? This is a lie that women would love to hear. Men know that as well, so they play along.

  8. I can't live without you: That is just funny. You should ask yourself how he or she has managed to live before you met. Oh, maybe the sentence means, since the day you met, your spouse can't live without you. That is a lie. If you believe that, you have spent a lot of hours listening to U2 song "without or without you, I can't live"

  9. I bought that Gucci shoes and Dress just for you: You might be thinking oh lord! that name sounds expensive. Yes it does sound expensive and you might be the one who has to pay for it. Remember she said she did it for you. You will need a lot of faith to believe that hype. You will also need to start earning more to pay for the consideration she has for you. Don't you just love it when someone thinks about you and spend just to make you happy?