9 Casanova seduction Secrets
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     Everyone has heard of the Casanova, male or female they can command the attention of the person they desire time and again.  Moving from one lover to another, like a jungle cat going from kill to kill. They evoke emotion in people, and that is what attraction is all about. There is no logic to it at all; it’s just pure emotion mixed with a little primal fear. The two parts of our brain that deal with arousal and fear are right next to each other, and successful Casanovas can successfully combine the two; resulting in that person unleashing passionate feelings that they will associate with you forever. People melt around them and their prowess for the lessons of love is only matched by the air of mystery that follows them wherever they go.  Sometimes they are born natural and other times they are made through practice and dedication to the art of the Casanova. Here are nine secrets that you can practice so you too can become another manifestation of the Casanova in our times!

  • 100% eye contact: Always maintain eye contact with the person as you approach them, it signifies aggression or sexual obsession to them subconsciously; mixing arousal with a little primal fear. They will lock on too your eyes, evoking emotions in that person that they cannot help. Think Enrique Iglesias or Natalie Portman.
  • Master the compliment: Learn how to give compliments to people. How you give compliments is more important to what you complement them on. Don’t try to butter up to a person by complimenting them from that position; it will just turn them off. You want to make sure that your compliment is coming from that confident place inside you where you are just saying, as a matter of fact, that they are smart, pretty, strong or cute. Give them a reason why you are complimenting them and you will come off more genuine.
  • Accelerated touching: There are certain steps you follow in every culture that go from a handshake leading all the way up to sexual intercourse. Each step along the way you get a little more intimate and closer to consummating your relationship. Casanovas will skip step to get closer to a person faster.  For example they will walk up to a person and say you have beautiful hair and start to touch it immediately. They will do it with such conviction that they get away with it.
  • Sense of entitlement: You have to instil upon yourself a sense of entitlement, like you have every right to talk to anyone you please. You can walk up to anyone and start a conversation and if you do it well, believe in yourself, the people will believe it too. Casanovas think so highly of themselves that they believe it’s a privilege for a person to be talking to them.  Again, if you believe it, so will they.
  • Focus on them: Do not focus at all on what your own insecurities might be; how you look, what you are doing right or wrong. You will forget about the beautiful person in front of you and as a result they will lose interest in you. Focus on the person you are talking to, take interest and they will pick up on this; making you more attractive to them.
  • Body language: Learn about body language, in particular how to read and respond to it.  If you can do this it will show that you are responding to them in the moment and not being reactionary. You are not reading from a script so adjust yourself in real time to how they are reacting to what you are saying or doing. You need only to learn the art of body language to be able to do this and anyone who practices can become a master.
  • Bedroom voice:  Practice your bedroom voice in front of the mirror. I know it sounds silly but the more you practice the easier it will become. Practice whispering it soft and low as well as loud and forceful. People will respond on a subconscious, primal level and make you more attractive to them.
  • Use verbal triggers:  Words can be used as verbal triggers in order to evoke an emotional response to them. For example, to a very masculine person the words strong, strength and masculinity itself can invoke feeling of masculinity. To a very feminine person the words like delicate, dainty and even femininity can invoke the same feelings in that person. Do you remember hearing the phrase “X made me feel like a (man, woman)”, that’s because it’s true; people go for the person that evokes that kind of emotion in them.
  • The group extraction:  If the person as Casanova is interested in is part of a group, they cannot use the direct method. It will not work if you just walk up to them and try to talk to them or compliment them out of the blue. What they do is introduce themselves to the person they are interested and hold their hand/make eye contact just a bit longer than they should. Before moving on to introducing themselves to the rest of the group.  Then they have become part of the group and will interact casually with them until winning them over. At that point the Casanova has gotten the approval of the group and can then try to extract the person they want to get intimate with. “My ex is over there and I need to make her jealous, come with me” or simply “do you want to get out of here”, Once you have some privacy you can practice the other seduction secrets you have learned here today.

    So you can see there are several different ways you can practice to become a Casanova, each one requires practice but if you are willing to put in the time and do a little research these skills will in time become second nature and you will have no problem applying them to your dating, or professional life. After all winning people over is the real key to success.

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