Kids Christmas Gifts

Choosing stocking stuffers for kids does not have to be a bank-breaking experience nor is it something that will necessarily make or break their Christmas. However, it is still a memorable part of the Holiday tradition and you therefore want to make certain that your stocking stuffer ideas will at least be entertaining enough to bring a smile to their faces and add to the overall Christmas enjoyment and experience. Here you will find 9 easy and cheap stocking stuffer ideas that you can use in their stockings this year.

  1. Mini-Teddy bears are a cute and inexpensive gift idea that you can add to their stocking this Christmas. You can often find an adorable stuffed gift even at the dollar store or for a bit more you can have one personalized from a specialty shop.
  1. Candies and other goodies are always a pleasing stocking stuffer idea for kids. They also make a cheap and easy way to add some bulk to those Christmas stockings. It's hard to find a kid that doesn't love candy - to this day it is still the first thing my teenagers look for when they grab their stockings.
  1. Crayons or markers, which go hand in hand with the stocking stuffer idea below, are easily much used, much loved and cheap stocking stuffers for kids.
  1. Coloring Books can be great stocking stuffers for kids who have that artistic streak. They are cheap and good for hours of fun. You can also find a large selection of educational coloring and activity books which can provide more purpose to this cheap stocking stuffer idea for younger children.
  1. Bouncy Balls of all sizes – age appropriate of course – are a great way to add some fun and also take up some room in your kids' stocking this Christmas. Not everything you add needs to cost a pretty penny so an inexpensive stocking stuffer idea such as a bouncy ball allows you to add some interest while keeping the best (actual presents) for last.
  1. Jewelry for boys and girls, both. Using jewelry as stocking stuffers for kids is really a fun choice. For the little man in your life try some personalized dog tags or creature feature necklace. For the little lady in your life oversized dress up jewelry or costume jewelry is always a hit.
  1. Play Makeup is a playful idea for the little beauty queen or princess in your life. It comes in all different stages whether you choose real usable beautifiers or the pretend makeup created for the younger kids you are sure to bring a smile to their face.
  1. Warm Fuzzy Novelty Socks are always a warm addition to your kids Christmas stockings. Yes, that is right - stuff those stockings with stockings!
  1. Playing cards are another entertaining stocking stuffer idea for the game lover in your life. You have an assortment of choices such as regular playing cards; old maid; Go-fish, educational cards (math etc) and the ever loved match game cards.

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