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When you have problems with feet you generally will know it because you walk on your feet every day and they are an important part of the body as the feet have to hold up the body’s weight plus they help keep you stable and allow you to run and play and move around. So when you have feet problems you want to make sure you know what the problem is and exactly how to treat that problem. Of course prevention is as important as treatment because if you don’t have some of these problems you won’t have to treat them at any time in your life.

1) Bunions

Bunions are one of the problems with feet that are generally caused by something you have done like wearing too tight shoes or wearing high heels but it may be caused by arthritis. So this is one of the feet problems that can easily be prevented by wearing shoes that fir correctly or by wearing lower heeled shoes. The bunion looks like a boney bump and is caused when the big toe pushes against other toes inside your shoes which cause that bid toe joint to be out of joint and then it begins to enlarge. It can be treated with pads over it or using shoe inserts to protect it.

2) Gout

Gout is one of those forms of arthritis that can affect anyone. It is one of the feet problems that can be prevented because it is caused by a build up of uric acid in the body. It is known that drinking beer can cause gout which is one of the problems with feet that mostly affects men. There are some tests for it like a joint fluid test or a blood test where the excess uric acid shows up. Normally uric acid dissolves and passes through your kidneys and if it doesn’t then you may get gout. It is a sudden pain generally felt at night in the large toe joints which can last for days or weeks.

3) Corns Or Calluses

Corns are one of the common feet problems that people suffer from and they are different from a callus in that corns are smaller and have a hardened center usually with inflamed skin. They appear on the part of the foot that doesn’t bear weight like between the toes and when you press on them it is painful. A callus grows usually on the heels or the ball of the foot and is generally larger than a corn. They grow to protect that portion of the feet where they receive friction. This is a normal skin reaction meant to protect the area of skin from further damage. They may be caused by too loose or tight shoes or ill fitting socks.

4) Plantar Warts

This form of feet problems is a HPV virus and appears as small granular looking fleshy growths generally on the foot sole. The virus enters through broken or open skin. These warts don’t always grow outwards and these problems with feet may also go inward too. They are mildly contagious but not everyone will develop plantar warts if they are exposed to them. Generally they don’t require treatment but when treated they tend to be very stubborn. A doctor may freeze them off if they are severe.

5) Athletes Foot

Also called tinea pedis this is one of the easily preventable feet problems because the fungus tends to grow in moist areas like community locker rooms or swimming pool areas. This is one of the problems with feet that can also grow in shoes as it is a fungus. This is one of the very common problems with feet that can be prevented it you keep your feet dry. It will itch and perhaps sting and burn and it often develops between the toes. It can be treated with an antifungal ointment or powder.  

6) Nail Fungal Infection

This is an ugly looking contagious condition that is one of the problems with feet you can get. A fungus enters under the nail causing the nail, either toe or finger, to thicken and is often discolored and may be brittle. These feet problems are caused by fungi called dermatophyes or by yeast or mold infection. It likes moist warm conditions. It is difficult to treat but keeping nails cut and clean and antifungal sprays or powders help it.

7) Ingrown Toenails

This is one of the painful feet problems that are also preventable. These problems with feet occur from cutting your toe nails too short or not straight but letting them curve like the tow skin does. It may require minor surgery to correct them and if that happens it can take from six months to a year to fully heal. The surgery is used to stop the condition by the partial removal of the nail and tissue under it so the new nail doesn’t grow back ingrown. Some people suffer from this for years until they finally get surgery and diabetics may have it the worst because they have to take exceptional care of their feet. 

8) Flat Feet

Babies have flat feet until their arch begins to form but for adults this is one of the problems with feet that may happen with age as the arches deteriorate. This form of feet problems is when the arch is flattened until the whole foot touches the floor. It may cause the ankles to turn inward too.

9) Hammertoe

Generally, this one of the problems with feet affects the middle joint of a toe and it causes that toe to look curled. By wearing high heels or if your shoe has a very tight toe box with no room for the toes to move around it may develop. This one of the feet problems is easily prevented by wearing lower healed shoes or ones with an adequate toe box. Shoes from flexible materials are good to prevent this condition. If severe it may require out patient surgery.