If you have a guitarist in your life and you want to get him a great gift he can use, check out some of the amazing offers at stores like J&R Music and Computer World and Musician's Friend. You can find some great deals on items that he needs and will love for under $50. Below is a list of a few of the items you can expect to find.

1. Electric Guitar Capo

The capo is an essential tool for all guitarists and is used with both acoustic and electric guitars. The 'Shubb" is one of the more reliable capos on the market and is affordable enough to make a great gift or even a stocking stuffer.

2. Guitar Strings

Extra guitar strings are a must for any guitarist; there is nothing worse than ending a jam session early due to a snapped string. If you are unsure about what type of string to buy, try the Polyweb acoustic or Ployweb electric.

3. Electric Guitar Tuner

An electric tuner is a great gift for any guitarist. It is simple to use and offers a quick way to get the guitar in perfect tune. The tuners use vibrations instead of pitch so you can even tune your guitar in a noisy room.

4. Guitar Picks

Guitarists can never have enough picks. Their fingers can become callused and sore when playing without them, so stock up on some multicolored medium gauge picks to allow the jam session to continue throughout the night.

5. Guitar Maintenance Kit

The maintenance kits come complete with polish, cotton cloths, fingerboard conditioners, string cleaner and everything you need to keep the guitar in tip top shape.

6. Guitar Slide

When your guitarists wants to make some funky sounds, a guitar slide is in order. You can find a variety of slides that are easy to use and offer some amazing sounds.

7. Acoustic Humidifier

If your guitarist has a six or 12 string acoustic guitar, then a humidifier might be in order. The seasons change and the humidity level in the home can have a huge impact on the guitar and how it sounds. A humidifier will dramatically reduce the impact that humidity has on the wooden guitars.

8. Guitar Straps

If you are unsure what you should buy for your guitarist, think about guitar straps. You can find a variety of styles to choose from and there is always one that your guitarist will love. The straps are affordable enough that if you have trouble deciding between them, you can always buy more than one.

9. Guitar Stand

When displaying the guitar on a specially designed guitar rack, you are able to not only show off the beauty of the instrument but also protect it from its environment. You can find stands that sit on the floor and will lock the guitar in place for safe keeping while being displayed and even ones that hang on the wall (to keep them up off the floor and more out of the way when not in use).